Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Fox, a Talking Turkey, the Tail-end of a Coyote & a Wild Orchid Called Calypso at the Lazy Vegan!

The Tail-end (Literally) of the First Coyote Caught on the Critter Cam!

Such excitement this week at the Lazy Vegan:  our first coyote (the tail end, anyhow) caught on the critter cam!  I've been really surprised that the coyotes haven't showed up before now...perhaps they're shy!  April is coyote pup season, though, so I expect to see more of the mama and papa coyote milling about looking for food for the babies.  I hope to not actually encounter them myself while I'm looking for a new tree to strap the camera to! When I first watched the brief coyote video (above), I thought it was a fox...but while coyotes have a bushy tail like a fox, their tails are much shorter and their legs are much longer...so it didn't take me long to figure out what animal it was!  The video is best if you view in large screen mode.  Naturally I am hoping for a better future view!

Miz Wasabi getting busy in the morning!
Little relaxed bun!
SUPER relaxed bun!
Oh, the endless hours grooming Buddy and Baby!
Dramatic weather this week...rain, thunder, and sunshine!  And wind!
The clouds looked fake!

Still very pleased that Beetler is now running great - better than ever!
Bringing down the bun.
Bravo Runs off with the Blanket

I make this every six months or so - vegan nacho cheese sauce!  Yummy.
                                         Vita Mix Vegan nacho cheese sauce recipe:  http://www.vitamix.com/ownavitamix/not_so_cheese_sauce.asp?Coupon=06-002435
The donkeys loved running around when it wasn't raining this week!
 Paco shows off some ATTITUDE!
Kicking, bucking and racing around!
Playful Donkeys Before Dinner!
 Running with the Sweet Grain Pan!

Fox Goes Uphill!

I am loving Snap's latest project...as the faithful blog reader may recall, she is now a volunteer for find a grave ( http://www.findagrave.com/ )  ...so when I got together with her on Saturday, we went a grave huntin'!
The cemetery near her house is huge!
I couldn't resist snapping a shot of this one...
A tiny shoe on one site.  Obviously I mean no disrespect by taking photos - I think tombstones are cool!
Snap figured that this one is on "reserve" for when someone actually needs it some day (hence no dates).
It makes me happy just to see it!
Snap by "HAPPY".
Beautiful old markers.
Snap looks for the names to search for!
Cool old photos on some.
It could be that some of the names she needs to find are under "lock and key"...
Love the statues!

I should have worked on a more cemetery grave hunting type of outfit...I will for the next time!

Now this is an odd tombstone!  When did Broadband die?
Foggy Morning Deer!

Karina and the foreman "embracing the abundance" (the foreman's latest thing).

The trio wait for dinner.
Got this great new rabbit book with tons of helpful info for keeping the bun happy and healthy!
I love how the cloud looks like it is coming out of the chimney.
Sweet old Toby.

The bun got new carpet upstairs, too!  She's quite pleased.
Sheep resting early one morning on my walk.
Trees reflect in the water with this old rusty thing (I have no idea what it is, but I take a lot of photos of it!).
Jack rabbit!
Heading deep into the woods (well, not really) to hang up the critter cam!

The foreman gets credit for spotting this somewhat rare and beautiful wild orchid - called the Calypso!  Which happens to be the middle name I gave myself when I was a teenager!
It is really a remarkable wild orchid.

This turkey hung out for hours one day and would not stop gobbling!

 The Talking Turkey!
Turkey on Truck!

Wasabi hops down to join her brothers!
Weegie likes for his carrots to be placed carefully on the bench.
The weekly pose!  Have a great new week!