Sunday, April 1, 2012

Welcoming a brand new member of the family at the Lazy Vegan!!!!!!!!!!

WELCOME Orville the rat, our newest member of the family!!  He's wasted no time in settling right into his new home, and the rest of the crew are slowly getting to know him...we're already crazy about the little guy!  
Orville is an April Fool's Day joke, but honestly I can totally see myself leaving the Humane Society one of these days with a rat...they are so adorable and smart! 
 So, happy April Fool's Day to all!
March went out like a lion instead of a lamb, like the old poem goes...we had some super windy and rainy days this week!  The donks hunkered down in the barn and one night I thought one of our bedroom awnings was going to fly off, but other than that everyone and everything survived and now we're ready for SPRING!  Miz Wasabi seems to have a bit of Spring fever - she's been doing more binkies that usual and loves to hop around as fast as she can in the living room.  She sure appreciates the new carpet!  In non-animal (but still important) news, poor Beetler will be going in for a costly valve body job that will hopefully fix the transmission problems I've been having.  If it doesn't, I have been researching potential replacement cars (have discovered that the Beetle is prone to this transmission problem, unfortunately)...and I came up with the absolute perfect one if it comes to that:  the Volkswagen rabbit!  Check out the emblem that comes on the car - how cute is that? 
Crazy Rabbit!

Being a deck bunny on a clear day!

Begging for dinner!
And eating dinner!
Wasabi and the basket!

Bringing the bun downstairs for the day.

I love the texture of the cactus outside!

So far I don't notice any improvement with Toby since he's been on his herbal arthritis remedy, but we have to give it some time.
Wasabi loves to sit on her little quilt next to Buddy & Baby!
Watching basketball (well, sort-of) upstairs!
The trio!
Hopping back and forth to the kitchen.
Silly Bravo!

Couch bunny!
Yet another "super hero" pose!
She spends countless hours grooming Buddy & Baby!
Play time!
C'mon, Wasabi...a Binky or Two??

Waiting for dry skies...

Weegie scratching an itch!
Paco doing his biz...right after I cleaned up the barn!!

Helping me clean up.
The foreman working away at the rental property...he's been sheet rocking & texturing the garage.
Hanging out in her castle!

Time for some hay!

Banana treat time!
Just a Raccoon Passing By! 

Relaxing with Paco!

And with Weegie!

Hugs from the foreman.
Taking Wasabi Upstairs!
We're really nuts about our little rabbit!  And the entire animal crew!
And I do think rats and mice are SUPER cute!