Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happy Earth Day at the Lazy Vegan!

HAPPY EARTH DAY!  I celebrated Earth Day today by heading off on an early morning walk, when I came face to face with a SKUNK getting ready to cross the road!  I've never been so close to a skunk before...at first I thought it was a weird looking cat!  But then he quickly turned around and as soon as I saw the tail, I BOLTED!  Ran as fast as I could and didn't look back.  It is a bummer, because I actually had my camera with me...but I don't think it would have been worth a photo to be sprayed!  The critter cam was active this week with deer, raccoon, jack rabbits and even a feral cat (I've been seeing him around - very skittish) and wood rat!  Still hoping for more fox and coyote sightings!
Jack Rabbits!

Treat time!
Mower Man is back!  The foreman fixed the rider mower - just in time to tackle some tall grass!
Very comfortable bun in the living room these days.

Toby can pretty much nap anywhere now!  The old guy gets his teeth cleaned this week - of course he'll be put under for that.
The bun!
Weegie soaking up some sun.

Paco was napping, too - so I had to stop to say hi!

Feral Cat...and then, Wood Rat!

This is the sight I saw when I went to put the critter camera back on a tree one morning...

Deer Grooming!

I call this pose "front and center".

MORE napping.
And yawning!

Mower Man, again!
Silly Paco loves red wine!

Weegie decides he's had enough of Bravo's company.
This exotic plant that the foreman planted one year ago is taking over!!

More relaxation.
Toby's a bit concerned that I might have forgotten about dinner time!
The donks play while the foreman plants in the garden.
I have no idea what Bravo is doing here in the corral!
Time to plant the tomatoes!
It got very hot here this weekend - here the crew enjoys some night breezes.
Back of Raccoon!
Snap and I went to the cemetery again, and on the way stopped at the Luther Burbank little house, where I snapped this photo of a photo...Burbank with Helen Keller!

Beautiful day to head to the cemetery to search for another name!
This person clearly was a rabbit lover.
The find-a-grave volunteer hard at work...

Checking the "map" !

The weekly pose with Paco...and a straw hat!

Another Raccoon!

 Dust bath time!

 Hanging out.

 More "free ranging" in the living room!

 Smelling the night smells - with a gate up for safety, of course!
 Sheep early one morning.
 And a duck!
 Going to retrieve the critter cam one morning, I came across this turkey showing off!

Curious Cute Deer!

Two Short Wasabi Videos!

Photo of the week, below (to me) - I was really touched by this photo of one of the chimps rescued by http://www.savethechimps.org/  - read full story by CNN at:

Fifteen-year-old JJ still finds security in his blankets. "We are basically taking responsibility for the lives that someone else created," says Save the Chimps' Feuerstein, who relies on donations to fund the sanctuary.