Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Happy (make that HOPPY!) Easter!!  The holiday was extra special this year with a birthday celebration for Patty at Snap's house - and it is also the year that Easter falls on Dan's birthday (Happy Birthday in Heaven, Dan!).  The animals got into the spirit with an egg hunt in the living room (well, everyone except the donkeys!)...Wasabi was really into trying to bite the plastic eggs and ended up rolling a lot of them around with her nose!  In other news this week, my Beetle got what is essentially a heart transplant or bypass for a car - a brand new valve body!  And it seems to be running great now.  I'm very happy because I just love that car - super cute and fun!
So much fun with a bunch of plastic eggs!
Toby wasn't really into it, though.
Bravo and Wasabi sure were!

Yum - the basket was also yummy!
Too hard to get a grip with her teeth on those eggs, though.

Love the expression!

Hmmm...where's an egg?
I wonder where an Easter egg is??
Not up high!

Just a Peek of the Easter Rabbit!
Another Peek of the Easter Rabbit!

So excited about Easter that it was simply BINKY time!  All these blurred photos are BINKIES!

She especially likes to leap up near the dogs!
The Easter Bunny visited the donkeys, too, with some carrots in a basket!

Luigi was brave enough to stick his head in to get some.

But, true to form, only Paco would wear the rabbit ears!

The foreman with his holiday ears and morning smoothie!
Turkey in a hurry!

Scott hangs the special eggs on Snap's Easter tree!
This is funny - I took a photo of the hilarious Easter card my aunt & uncle sent my mom and didn't notice that I got in the photo, too!
The birthday girl with Scott & Anth!

And with Drew!
Eggs with something special inside!
The traditional shoe photo - my foot next to Anth's!
Claire made this amazing raw vegan mango pie!
And Patty made this delicious fruit salad!
Snap knocked herself out with her famous potatoes and other great food!
Claire tries out her "bunny face" while I wear my ears!
Eating outside under Snap's pretty new umbrella.

The egg hunt!
Chris finds his!
Such excitement!

Snap's artistically wrapped gift for Patty.
Time for presents!

What is in there?

OMG!  Why, it is a paint-by-number of the Last Supper - with Peanuts characters!
Snap has been working on this for months and she did a great job!

The "back story" is on the back of the painting.

I love it!

Snap made yummy cupcakes, too!

Make a wish!

My childhood friend, Amy, came by, too!

Mango pie time!
And birthday cupcake time!

Getting ready to leave.
Amy takes some fruit salad to go and Patty & Amy pose with Old Snoopy, below!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TODAY to Dan in Heaven!  Below is one of my favorite photos of him at his sixth birthday party - the day that Snap went into labor with Patty!

Raccoon on Good Friday!