Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Mellow Memorial Holiday Weekend at the Lazy Vegan

Our favorite Wasabi expression!
Busy week at the Lazy Vegan with a lot of wildlife activity (although once again not much captured on the critter cam!), and everything is in bloom and so beautiful!  Miz Wasabi has really taken an interest in trying to befriend the pups...I think she wants to start playing dog games!  She finally gave up her project that had her so obsessed last week (thankfully), and now she's on to other things.  We think she should take up a foreign language! In other news, the farrier came for a visit and this time Luigi was the drama donkey - lots of rearing up and acting out!  Always makes for a fun time for all!  Luckily the farrier has a sense of humor about it.  He said you can "break" a horse but you can't do anything to a donkey!
Happy Memorial Day to all - especially to those who truly deserve the honor of the day!

Toby's new ball playing partner?

 Wasabi always tries to engage the pups!
Three Short Wasabi Videos in a Row (one taken on the critter cam!):

Loved the dramatic clouds this week!
 Tons of hummingbird activity!

 Paco's amazingly beautiful eye.
 Even though Toby is essentially deaf, he stopped to listen to something near the critter trail for a long, long time!
 I love coming across feathers on the property!

 The donks head in for dinner.
Two Jack Rabbits Hanging Out!

 Play time with the ball!

Silly bun!
 The Queen of Lounge.

 It is rough laying around on a velvet pillow day in and day out...but some dog has to do it!
 I could spend hours staring at this bunny face...and I do!

 Grooming while Bravo chews on a bone nearby.
That's a ridiculous bunny yawn!
Both boys scratching an itch!

I was entranced by this caterpillar - love the color and how it took forever to make it across the driveway!
Bravo soaks up the sun on the terrace.
Relaxation time!
I have to look up what type of lizard this is.
Poppy and the blue sky.
So many lizards out and about!

The foreman playing Wasabi's song...while she hops off!
Going for a walk before the farrier arrives!

Luigi watches while it is Paco's turn!

Paco all finished!

If you enlarge the above photo, you'll see the foreman goofing off.
Weegie acting up for the farrier!
Luigi, the Farrier & the Foreman!  I missed Luigi's drama in the beginning, but you can still see the farrier and the foreman hard at work adjusting his rope, etc.!

My special little terrier boys.

It even rained a bit this week!
 Explorer bun!

 Checking out the dog toy!

 The donkeys waiting patiently for carrot treat time.

 In a few years I'll have to do a little book of the "weekly poses" with Paco.  Then I can see how we're aging together!
 Came upon this nest of Quail eggs.  They've either hatched or something got into them.  I'm hopeful that they hatched. Lots of eggs!

 The cactus is in bloom and the flowers are amazing - like an oil painting!

   Matilija poppy is blooming, too.
There's a bee in this one!

Dust bath time!

Dust Bath Time!

Bravo's huge mouth!
My weekend thrift store score - this really cool lightweight jacket/dress/thing.  One thing purchased, one thing goes from the closet...so I don't get right back to my overstuffed drawers!

Beano, Nabbles, Bean-Rod, Nab, Miz Wasabi...just a few of her many nicknames!
This turkey loves to hop up on the truck and stare at his reflection.

Human lounging time, too!

The lone turkey again.
Thirsty blue jay!
Midnight Raccoon!
Happy Memorial Day!