Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Birthday to Snap, Happy Mother's Day & a Trip to Venado at the Lazy Vegan!

Happy Mother's Day to the mothers of all creatures, great and small!
It was a fun end to the week at the Lazy Vegan, with a trip to a small town that wasn't really a town to see an old one room schoolhouse, a birthday celebration for Grandma Snap and a yummy Mother's Day breakfast!  The foreman found this beautiful red-shouldered hawk feather pictured above and below, plus we got our first oppossum sighting on the critter cam!

Here we are outside the old post office in the virtually non-existent town of Venado, near Healdsburg.  We just assumed it was the post office because it fit the description we had - but didn't have a sign!
Here's a link to more info about Venado:

The draw of going to see the old school house was because of the name:  Daniels School!
Such a quaint place!

Love the front door!
It was almost at the end of  very long road - really in the middle of nowhere.
Posing on the porch!
The door was open!
Empty - I was hoping for some old desks or something.

It was worth the long drive (thanks to Patty for driving) just for the photos! Check out the blog I found online about the restoration project for this old school:

Turkey Takes a Closer Look!
Laughing while eating out!

Back in Snap's cozy condo for some b-day celebrating!

Opening up a teddy bear/stuffed animal restoration book...Snap's done her share of restoring old Snoopy with no help from a book before!

Karina showing how the candles match Snap's decor.
Seventy-five!!  Grandma Snap doesn't look or act her age!
Claire made another one of her amazing raw & vegan pies!
Cake time!

Make a wish!

Chatting with Nick.
The three generations!
Grandma Snap & Chris with their matching shoes!

First Opossum on Critter Cam!
Mother's Day morning!  What???  Is that my mother COOKING on Mother's Day?!

Karina's old Snoopy with Patty's old Snoopy!

We had a blast at Snap's surprise birthday lunch that her co-worker, Judy, arranged - Patty drove down for it, too!  Here they are approaching the restaurant...

It was fun to hang out for lunch - something I never do!

 Weegie enjoys a dust bath!

 The boys wait while I get their brushes out.  They're losing their shaggy coats and love to be brushed!
 Miz Wasabi chomping on one of her many baskets!
 Peering out of her Magic Dream Cottage!
 A complete salad home-grown!!
 Toby is so deaf now that he really doesn't realize how close he gets to the donkeys!
 He found it interesting to get into the donkey feeder for some odd reason!

 The foreman tending to the vegetable garden.
 Amazing clouds one evening this week.
This one reminds me of a feather!

Two Crazy Little Bunny Videos!