Sunday, May 6, 2012

Toby Turns Fourteen, Busy Critters Caught on Critter Cam, Funny Luigi, and Happy Cinco de Mayo at the Lazy Vegan!

Kale, arugula & spinach from the garden!
Quite the eventful week at the Lazy Vegan!  Toby celebrated his 14th birthday with two special dog cookies in the shape of ice cream cones...which seemed fitting, because the first time I ever saw him he was watching a little girl eating an ice cream cone! He was a bit subdued on his birthday (perhaps he was disappointed there was no band??)...but still happy to have the treats!  In other news, the critter cam activity has been ridiculous...straight out of National Geographic!  For the first time we captured a fox after a hunt...not for the faint of heart, and I feel sorry for his prey...but, alas, that's how it goes in the wild.  Too bad I can't just invite the foxes & coyotes in for a vegan meal, instead!
Wasabi is very generous with her kisses!
Bravo will find a spot to nap anywhere!

Yet another gourmet salad for the bun!

Spotted these turkey vultures hanging out while driving!
Love the butterflies!
National Geographic Episode...at the Lazy Vegan!  Fox gets prey...a bit hard to watch, and I am sad about the jack rabbit...

The foreman planted a row of these amazing agave plants along with lavender!

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo!  We wore hats and had Mexican food!
Weegie was willing to sniff a hat.
Paco, of course, tried one on.

Hmmmm...which hat to pick?

Toby and the daisies.
Another Fox!
Happy Birthday to Toby-coyote!

Looking a little subdued here!
Maybe he thought I'd invite some other dogs over!

Hee, hee...he's still super cute.

The cookies were pretty cute, too!

I was surprised that Bravo didn't just snatch one and run off.

After one bite!
Ranging rabbit.
The SUPER moon!

Morning hugs.

Blabbing away!
Young Buck!

This pair of Jack Rabbits have been hanging out each evening.

Cute Squirrel!
In the spirit of my "use it or lose it" theme, I decided to sell my cool retro Schwinn to one of my favorite people at the office!  I literally never rode it - our terrain just is not suited for a cruiser bike.  I know she'll get lots of use out of it and that it went to a great new home!

Bravo approved of the transaction, too.

More ranging!

Mower Man - with no hands!
The lizards love to sun themselves!

Raccoon & a Bat Flying By!

Morning time with the donkeys.  Luigi has been especially funny lately with his creative ways to insure he gets the butt rub he so deserves!

Here's Luigi's new method:  he sits on the foreman's lap!  That way he knows he'll be getting a good butt rub!
Making himself comfortable!
There's nothing like a 300 pound donkey sitting on your leg!

Busy bun.
More salad!
There always seems to be one turkey who is a loner...this one makes her rounds all by herself.
I love the new agave plants, and they'll get pretty big in time.
Our new outdoor table...well, not exactly new...it was upstairs, but the bun decided it was a chew toy, so out it went!
Relaxed pup!
Fox Heads Home!

I've already placed my order for this new license plate - artwork done by actor Pierce Bronson (drew his own dog & cat!)
Click on the banner below to go to the website - if enough orders are placed for this great new "spay & neuter" license plate in California, they'll be available and part of the proceeds of the annual fee will go to fund spay & neuter clinics - a very good cause!