Sunday, May 20, 2012

Wasabi Loves a Project, The Foreman Tackles Yardwork, A Visiting Snake & Sunny Blue Skies at the Lazy Vegan!

Mower Man became Weed-Whacker Man at the Lazy Vegan!
Sunny days with blue skies at the Lazy Vegan!  It was a warm week of really perfect weather - not too hot, which is exactly how I like it and how Wasabi likes it!  A few days ago we discovered that Wasabi has been working hard at a new project of hers - I call it the Carpet Renovation Project, or CRP.  She's been really good about not chewing on the new carpets at all, but I was warned by the Bunny People (the experts at the Humane Society who run the bunny playground!) that she might be tempted by the corners of the carpet, especially if the corners are underneath a piece of furniture. Of course, ingesting carpet pieces can be fatal to rabbits, so we aren't going to risk the health of our little bun!  Despite the fact that I had lined the edge of the carpet with small boulders (seriously) and a large piece of lumber (all behind the couch upstairs), Wasabi still manged to wiggle herself around the obstacles and soon had a full-fledged construction project underway!  I've read that rabbits LOVE a good project, and Wasabi is no exception.  We at first tried to block her access from the couch, but she gave us a lot of entertainment by attempting to resume her project - lots of scratching at the obstacles, and then a few THUMPS to let us know exactly how she felt!! It was hilarious. At one point she even was able to push some obstacles out of the way to get under the couch and she immediately started in on the carpet - when the foreman shooed her out, she furiously hopped away and did a ridiculous BINKY up in the air to let us know that, well, she was STILL the bunny boss! And this was a fun game! Finally we took the whole carpet out upstairs.  She still has a large area rug to hang out on that's not underneath any furniture.  The first night we took her upstairs with the one carpet gone, she immediately hopped under the couch to check out her project...only to find it had been dismantled!  I think rabbits must have memories like elephants...they just do not forget!
Paco watches the foreman work.
Nothing like a good dust bath!

Playing with the sweet grain pan.
Paco & Luigi Hanging Out!

Turkey season still at the Lazy Vegan!

Lately Wasabi has been trying to interact with Toby more.
I was following Luigi around the barn, and I think he got a bit annoyed by it!
The foreman worked on some new terrace seating arrangements and did a great job, and we ordered new seat cushions - arriving soon.  Yippee!

The foreman heads off with his tennis gear AND his real estate gear!
This is the time of year when the dragonflies come into the house and we have to escort them out - but I always try to get a photo first!

While eating breakfast, I looked out the kitchen window to see Paco standing in the doorway of the barn, soaking up some morning sun.
Turns out both donks were in the barn - and standing underneath their names!
Silly boys!

Wasabi gets a banana treat from the foreman.
She loves having her own balcony to hang out on!
Trying to play with Toby again!
Daytime Jack Rabbit!

Cute squirrel!

Toby cools down after running around.  He's been showing his age more lately, especially in the morning when he's pretty stiff.  The herbal remedy doesn't seem to have helped his arthritis any, so I may have to put him on some real drugs soon.

There's that pesty rabbit trying to play again!

The weekly pose!

I came inches from stepping on this guy, who was out slithering around one afternoon.  I am pretty sure it is a gopher snake.  He startled me and I startled him!  And then I ran in to get my camera, and he posed for a few shots before lifting up his head to let me know that was enough!

Lazy afternoon donkeys.

After a long play of "tag", the foreman finally succeeds in picking up the bun to take her upstairs!

Good Morning to Wasabi!

Toby waits to be let indoors.
I forget the name of this plant, which the foreman got at an amazing plant sale one time in Santa Cruz - beautiful flowers!
The bun rests after dinner!

Really Ridiculous Bravo and his Bone!

With Old Toby.
Rolling around on the carpet!
Wasabi and Buddy strike the same pose!
Silly Toby!

Silly Wasabi!
Fresh greens!
Paco & Luigi love to try to nibble the raspberry leaves!

Everything's in full bloom!

Not much on the critter cam this week - the animals must be saving up for next week's blog!