Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Critter Cam Highway, Hot Days of June & Happy Father's Day at the Lazy Vegan!

My dad holding my sister and I, above!
Happy Father's Day to my dad!  And to the foreman!  And to all the other fathers out there of all creatures! 
This week definitely felt like June - it got HOT here at the Lazy Vegan!  Even though I did my "trick" of keeping all the windows open all night long and then shut them all down in the morning, there was just a bit of relief indoors from the high temperature!  The donkeys don't seem to mind it, but the flies are worse when it is hot - so I have to reapply the fly spray often.  And maybe the heat was the reason so many critters came waltzing down the path - what I now call the "critter highway"!   I've been up and down the hill where I place the critter cam many times in the past few months, always searching for the perfect tree to place the camera on...and several times I've almost lost my footing (sounds so dramatic!) and this afternoon I finally did and fell...too bad the camera wasn't on to record the action! LOTS of videos on this week's post - just view what you want to (I promise there will be no test)!

The foreman on one of the famous camping trips when the kids were young - he'd set the camera on a rock, put on the self timer and then dash back to be part of the photo!
The foreman (on left) with HIS dad!
The deck bunny and Bravo.
The deck bunny and Toby.
The blog reader has to bear with me here - I find the dramatic rollovers that Wasabi does to be one of the funniest things I've ever seen - so I had to snap a lot of photos!  Sometimes she'll be frozen for minutes at a time!

Hee, hee, hee.  Love the mouth in the one below!
 Dramatic Bunny Roll-over!

The critter cam, ready for action!

Feral cat on the prowl!
Banana Treat Time!

Dust Bath Time!

Such a poser!
The dogs relax.  Really, what ELSE is there to do?

Everyone relaxes!

It got too hot for poor Toby.
Nail trimming time...not my favorite task, but I'm pleased I learned how to do it - saves money at the vet!

I don't know why this is sideways - but I was excited to find that the feed store sells the same cookies that the vet gave the donkeys...this is what I use now to entice them to stick around for fly spray time!
Evening time!
Turkey Takes the Trail Most Traveled!

How the squirrels drink from the donkeys' waterer!

Oh, Opossum!
OMG, really good vegan pizza!!

The adorable duo.

The Toby, Wasabi & Bravo Show!
The Trio!
More of the Trio!

The super hero pose!

That's a jack rabbit head hidden in the garden!
Staying cool!

Bunny deep in thought.

What fun:  we found the old photo from Sports Illustrated (June 1966) that the foreman is in!  He's behind Arnold Palmer's left shoulder - the guy folding his arms with the big mop of hair over his forehead!  CLASSIC!

Another super hero!
Miz Wasabi got a brand new Cottontail Cottage, because her old one was starting to fall apart from all her renovations!
She liked the box that it came in!

The new and old cottages in the living room.
Old above, and new below - you can see she's - ahem - eaten most of the old one away!

Yummy fruit that Snap prepared when I saw her on Saturday!
                                     Beautiful Jack Rabbit!

Staying cool, again!
The Lazy Vegan's Air Conditioning unit - a bowl of ice and a fan!

Running donkeys!
Racing Donkeys after a Hot Day!

 A little impromptu Father's Day lunch after the foreman played a tennis match!

 In my continued spirit of getting rid of what I really don't use, I gave my Kitchen Aid to Claire - she's definitely the baker of the family!
 Salsa time!  Including one that Karina made for the foreman - mango - cilantro salsa!
 Kisses from Bravo!

 The girls practice their smiles!

 Guitar time!
Goofing around with a song I remember from high school!

 Dart time!

 Being precise about how far one can stand back!

 Claire takes aim!

 Karina takes aim!
 And I take aim - not that it ever really works!

 I think Bravo wished he could play, too.

 The foreman takes aim!
 Karina, the dart playing pro, gives some technique tips!

 For me, a good throw was hitting the board and not the house!

 Karina won!

 Father's Day pose!

Three Raccoon Videos of the Week!