Sunday, June 24, 2012

Happy First Day of Summer, the Donkeys Go for a Walk & Wasabi Visits the Garden at the Lazy Vegan!

A Short & Silly Toby Video!
Summer has officially arrived at the Lazy Vegan!  And (thankfully) it is nice & cool!  The garden is booming and Wasabi had a big adventure and visited it...she loved munching on some oregano and dill!  The donkeys got a nice long walk in and the pups did what they do best...lounged!  Got some cute fawns on the critter cam, and one raccoon (if it is the same one) seems to be getting a bit annoyed at the presence of the camera.  I've noticed that only the raccoons really seem to look like they absolutely notice that the camera is there!
Fresh from the garden!
Don't knock it before you try it...zukes sauted in liquid aminos with nutritional yeast - yum!
The garden bunny!  At first she didn't want to venture out of her little willow tent - but in time she started to hop out to explore.

Of course I make sure it is very safe by using an x-pen fence around her along with the existing garden fence!
Sniffing the air and getting used to being there.

The foreman plants some new lettuce seeds.

The donks came to say hi!
Reassurance from the foreman!

And from her "mama".

Finally, out and about exploring!

Sampling more oregano!
Saying hi to Paco!

Staying near me for protection.

Two Little Garden Videos!

Toby has the "trembles" now in his hindquarters (much like Solo got in his golden years), so he likes to rest with a heating pad.
Mama deer with fawns!

The foreman (never caught not smiling) watering!
 Toby, the green-eyed pup!
 Time for Mrs. Pasture's cookies!!

LOVE the cookies!
The refined rabbit in the living room.
 The donks get ready for their walk!

They look pretty big next to my car!
Paco was thrilled to find some oak leaves.

This was a "cross country" walk!
Heading back home...for the first time the foreman took them by himself down to see Barney the big donkey and the rest of the horses.  I tried to meet him in time to take photos, but they were already heading back!

The donkeys head home!

A tad reluctant to head back into the corral.

I always think it is so cute to see Wasabi together with the dogs.

 I cut TEN inches off my hair and nobody noticed!  It was getting really long.  I was growing it out to do an elaborate hairstyle for the Hand Car Regatta fair, but suddenly couldn't take the length any longer. The new length is still long and more reasonable.  I'm lucky I can cut it myself - since it curls it is forgiving!

 The begging bun & pup!
The foreman hard at work at the rental property - sawing through blackberry bushes to create a new driveway for the septic repair company to bring in the new concrete septic tank soon!

Spotless kitchen.
I only worked for a while - taking out staples in the wall of the adjoining shed.  Very thrilling work.
This tool is called a "Wonder Bar".  I'm wondering why!
Chasing the house rabbit!

Loves those dandy greens!
Raccoon keeps on going!
Raccoon:  "there's that camera AGAIN!"

I like this view of the house from the front cabin.
Snuggle time on the floor!
Very Young Fawn!

Wasabi has been hopping up on the couch more lately.  In fact, this morning I went back to sleep on the couch with the pups (such a luxury)...we dozed off but were woken up by a bunny - she hopped right on top of me!
Busy girl.

Where is that crazy rabbit?

Bravo celebrates the Summer Solstice with a floral headdress!