Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Lot of Coyote Yipping Going on at the Lazy Vegan

Apparently it is coyote week at the Lazy Vegan!!  Lots of coyote yipping at night (so loud last night that it woke us up and we dashed out to the terrace to make sure they weren't right there!) and two critter cam films!  I was so excited by the first one with a coyote pup!  At first I didn't even know what it was, but then the mama or papa came into view.  I can't believe how close they were to our house!  This is why I take Bravo out on a leash at 5:00 a.m.! (Toby doesn't wander off - which is good, since he can't hear!).  I love the coyotes and really don't worry about the safety of the donkeys any longer - although we will continue to hop out of bed to check it out when we hear that the yipping is really close by!

COYOTE TIME!  Coyote with coyote pup, above...and lone coyote, below!

 While retrieving the critter cam I found these antlers...hopefully shed by a deer.  I couldn't find any signs of a kill.

The foreman plays for Wasabi.
Catching air - BINKY time!

My new beaded vegan sandals. Cheap and fun.

Wasabi likes them!  The foreman wanted to know if I was off to the tribal fest!

Came across these three squirrels playing in the middle of the road!

Hanging out one morning.

Posing pups!
Rabbit Racing Around!

I love the quail.  I'm pretty sure that the nest I found last week was a bunch of hatched eggs.  Bravo helped himself to the shells!
Wasabi loves to go out on the deck but she'll sit at the doorway first and contemplate her move.

After she's had her deck visit, she'll zoom through the door way - the metal is slick on her paws and she doesn't like it!

The double donkey butt rub!

The only way I can really pose with Luigi is to scratch his behind first!

The boys get a visit from the vet tomorrow morning for their annual shots...I haven't told them yet!

Hanging out with Toby on a warm day.
To remind the blog reader, that's a "Super Hero" pose Miz Wasabi has going on!

Mystery bone found in bottom of donkeys' automatic waterer...this makes me suspect that raccoons have been washing their food in the water at night.  This is the automatic waterer that is out in the pasture - the donks have a second one in the corral.  I can't figure out what the bone is - it looks like maybe part of a jawbone.  Tonight I plan on setting up the critter cam near the waterer to see if I can catch a raccoon in action - or maybe a coyote getting a drink!
All snuggled down for the evening with Buddy & Baby.

Love it when she stands!

Turkey Who Hangs out by Truck Checks out the Critter Cam, Above & Below!

Toby at dusk.

Red-shouldered hawk rests on donkey fencing.

The foreman saying good morning to Wasabi!
Flat bunny!
Very Relaxed Super Hero Bunny with Pups

Play time for the dogs!
Bravo goes airborne!

Lounging time for the donks!

The weekly pose.  I get really dusty hanging out with the donkeys!

The boys on Memorial Day.

Favorite napping spot number three:  the towel basket in the bathroom!
More play time!

Passion flower, and more cactus flowers...I love them!