Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Rainy Day Visit from the Donkey Vet, The Very Tail End of a Bobcat & Paul Comes to Visit at the Lazy Vegan!

It was an odd week weather-wise at the Lazy Vegan...started off with a couple of days of showers followed by HEAT!  The donkey boys had their annual shots, this time with our new vet (the one who successfully treated Paco when he was really sick).  All went well - we really like this vet - except that poor Luigi had a reaction to the vaccine and was pretty out of it all day...lethargic and not acting like himself.  Thankfully just as we were getting ready to call the vet, he started to eat and act better.  WHEW!  Another emergency vet visit averted!  In other news, Paul came home for a visit and it was great to see him and have a little lunch gathering!  And, last but not least:  finally, a bobcat on the critter cam.  Yes, just the VERY tail end - but it is a start!  Unfortunately the video gets cropped a bit on youtube and takes off the face...but if you look closely you'll see the spotted  coat of a bobcat!
 Look who appeared at the front door!
 The boys get a walk before the vet comes.
Funny Morning Dogs & Bunny! - Especially funny with Wasabi towards the end!

 Just another rainy day in JUNE.
 The new vet tends to Luigi.  He has a great manner with the donkeys and even gave them cookies.  Weegie gobbled his right up, but Paco let his sit in his mouth - he wasn't about to be bribed too easily!
 Oh, that bunny face!

 Getting groomed by the bunny!
 The evening routine!

 Big jack rabbit.

 Wasabi wants some attention!
 Tail End (Literally) of Bobcat - just a second of film!
The bobcat looks like he/she is hopping - but I know there's a big pile of branches right there that it was probably having trouble getting over...

 Just another morning!

 Storm clouds brewing.
 WHAT?  No basil??

It was that time again for donkeys and dogs...worming medicine and flea medicine!  I hate to use the chemicals/drugs but they do work.

 Aerial view of the relaxing creatures.

A moment between Bravo and Paco.
 Hop, hop, hop!

 OH, Binky time!

 Silly pups.

 Weegie in a thoughtful mood.
 Those are new yellow cushions on the lounge chairs...quite cheery!
Western Tanager on Strawberry Guava Plant

Another one of Claire's delicious raw pies!
The lunch gathering in honor of Paul!

A lot of photos of the "kids" below...because I don't often see them together!

Judith & Paul.

I love these photos of Judith and Paco!

Saying hi to Bravo!

Dart time!

The careful aim...

And bullseye!

Claire tries on the antler that I found on the hillside.
More careful aiming!

How did I become so short?
Big Raccoon!

Love this little duo!

In the photo above, Wasabi is "chinning" the wicker tent to mark it as her own!

The weekly pose!
Deer Standing Still