Sunday, July 22, 2012

Celebrating Karina's 27th Birthday, A Mother & her Fawns, The Tomatoes are Ripening and More at the Lazy Vegan!

The Bun relaxes with "Buddy" and "Baby"!
This week we had a nice belated birthday dinner to celebrate Karina's 27th!  I still can't quite believe I have a "child" that old...denial can be a great thing sometimes!  In other news, we've been having fun watching fawns frolic with their mama in our front yard.  The critter cam traffic has been slow for the past couple of weeks, but I'm always amused to see the neighborhood feral cat making his or her rounds nearly nightly.  I know the coyotes are still out and about...the other morning they were yipping away madly until someone fired a gun off at 5:00 a.m. (not a sound I ever like to hear!).  We've had enough hot days that the tomatoes are finally starting to ripen, and we have to compete with the birds for the raspberries (it seems mean to put bird netting on the plants to prevent the birds from having any...so, as the foreman says, we will SHARE the raspberries with the birds!).  Check out the new link on the upper right to find out about this cool game, "Funeral Director", that our friend & fellow Forestville dweller has created.  He's hoping to generate enough funds via donations on Kickstarter to market the game.  I think it is a super unique idea and one that will help people actually talk about death...in a "fun" manner!! 
Entertaining the House Rabbit!
Miz Wasabi settles down to enjoy her own private concert!

Saying hi to her "papa" one warm evening.
 So much fun to hop around in the wee hours of the morning...
Crazy Rabbit in the Morning!

I went back to sleep on Saturday morning - or, at least, attempted to - on the couch.  But it never quite works out in my favor to actually SLEEP.  Before I knew it, the bun hopped up and started to play around, and then Toby decided it was a good time to throw up (on the couch!), and then the coyotes started their chorus, topped off with the neighborhood gun-shooter...what fun!

Very curious bun!

Mama deer with her adorable fawns!

 Bunny on the Second Level of the Cottontail Cottage!

Every once in a while the foreman gives the boys a taste (small!) of his beer, which they love!  And this time they got a "chaser" of lime, which they really loved!

Silly Paco!

Funny after-beer-tasting face by Luigi!

I guess these photos count as the "weekly pose" with Paco!


Curious Buck, Part Two!

The super hero pose!
The foreman heads down to the garden all dressed up.
First tomato!
Yummy raspberries!

Nap time!

My little old "Toby-Coyote".
The Queen.

Fresh from the garden!
I just love staring at this face!

The pre-dinner hang out hour.

Wasabi trying to act like a dog!

Crazy Toby!

Jack Rabbit Checks out the Critter Cam Closer!

Grandma Snap says hello to Wasabi!
The belated birthday dinner!

The birthday girl!
The husband of the birthday girl!
The silly mama of the birthday girl!

Bravo LOVES to sit at the table.
With a beautiful bouquet from Claire.


Hats...many hats!  I found Karina's favorite hat at a store so bought one in every color...

Trying on the hats!

Wasabi joined the birthday party later!

Time for some birthday darts!


Saying hi again to Wasabi!
Karina & Nick are excellent dart throwers!
Visiting the donks!

Wasabi loves dinner parties!

Checking out some things on youtube!

Wasabi checks everyone out!

Karina says hello to the pups!
Nick entertains the crew!

Tail End of a Skunk!