Sunday, July 1, 2012

A National Geographic Lazy Vegan Moment with a Coyote, The Donkeys Play Move-the-Stall-Mat in the Barn and FINALLY, Foie Gras is ILLEGAL in California - a Day to Celebrate!

Early this morning as we were going about our usual Lazy Vegan routine, suddenly a coyote's yipping broke the silence and didn't cease for at least twenty minutes.  Such excitement!  At first I couldn't figure out where the noise was coming from until I went upstairs to the balcony, and saw this very earnest coyote barking/yipping at something.  He/she acted like they were afraid (tail was tucked under).  It was almost as if the coyote was calling for back-up help!  I love the sound that coyotes make, but it is a tad otherworldly and can make the hair on your arms stand up a bit.  We had a great show from the balcony, made even better with the aid of binoculars.  The following photos are, unfortunately, blurred - it was just too far away to get decent pictures - but it gives you an idea.  This was one determined coyote - who knows what it was so upset about!
 Call of the WILD!

This cracks me up - the foreman looks like he's out living in Africa somewhere in a tent and had to take a shaving break to see an elephant or something!

Tail tucked under, and yipping away.

The cows stood at attention.  You can't see it in this photo, but there are two calves huddled near their mama.

Every once in a while he/she would stop and listen, and then continue.
Hard work, all that yipping - time to sit for a bit!
If you enlarge the above photo, you'll see where the coyote is positioned - far away across from the Lazy Vegan.

 The Sound of the Coyote in the Hills! 
Not a great video, but put the volume up and you'll hear coyote yipping!
Plus, perhaps the same or a different coyote on critter cam just the night before!

Back indoors, it was binky time for the bun!
The raspberries are ripe!

Bravo up to no good.
Relaxation time.

A Raccoon Duo Stroll By!

Ridiculous pose!
And MORE relaxation time!

Wasabi on the couch!

I love coming around the corner into the kitchen and seeing Wasabi in cute poses.  Here she has quite a moment with "Buddy".

She loves her buddy and spends long sessions grooming him!
Helping out with the kitchen chores!
Speedy Jack rabbit!

The foreman found this little salamander in the basement.

Good Morning, Wasabi & Toby!

Morning stretches!

Wasabi Grooming by the Dogs!

Dramatic Roll-over Short Video!

I just ADORE this rabbit...can you tell?

Grooming time.
Wanting my attention at the same time!

Let's see a binky, Beano!

Summer time is perfect for dust baths when the ground is dry!

The weekly pose!

It is so much fun to just hang out with the donkeys.  After I'm done cleaning out the barn I love to sit on the bench and see what they do.  They'll always come up for their rub down and then will go about their business.
The latest fascinating thing for the boys is the game of moving the stall rubber mats!

Paco & Luigi & the Stall Mat Game!

Moving Paco's mouth!
Went with Snap to this awesome (can a cemetery be awesome?  I guess it can be) restored cemetery - check out the cemetery blog at: http://www.wendtroot.com/cockrill/d0011/d0011notes/SpringHillCemetery.html

I actually went here years ago before it was restored - my brother had told me about it.

Cool old photo taken from the Spring Hill Cemetery blog!

Oppossum Ambles By!

FINALLY, Foie Gras is ILLEGAL in California!  The bill was passed in 2004 but didn't go into effect until July 1st, 2012.  Already illegal in over a dozen countries (that's countries - not just states!), the practice of force feeding ducks and geese until their livers enlarge to over ten times their natural size, at which point they are slaughtered, is beyond inhumane - I don't understand how anyone could get any enjoyment out of eating such a "delicacy" - fatty liver - knowing how it is produced.  I hope the new law is strictly enforced and that it quickly becomes a nationwide ban.
The reality of foie gras!