Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Queen Bun's Close Call, Happy Birthdays & a Beautiful Sweet Horse at the Lazy Vegan

Karina in the park many, many years ago!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TODAY to Karina, who turned 27!  I can't believe my little baby girl is that old...and, of course, not a little baby any longer! We're going to have a belated b-day dinner since she's unavailable this weekend. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY a few days ago to Anthony, one of my awesome nephews who is also no longer a baby at age sixteen!  Also Happy Birthday to Solo in Heaven...he would have been fifteen years old yesterday.  In other non-birthday news, we've had a busy week and on one of the busiest days I came home at lunch to find out that Miz Wasabi was sick.  Not to bore the blog reader, but when a bunny is sick it is a BIG DEAL...they can go downhill quickly and it is essential to get medical attention right away.  So I had to cancel the rest of the afternoon, which included my weekly Humane Society volunteer stint, so I could immediately care for the precious bun!  I was rather proud of myself because I was able to get anti-gas drops in her by myself & bundled her up to get her body temperature up (when rabbits are ill they become freakishly cold to the touch) and was able to get a vet appointment with the rabbit specialist...but, to make a long story short, she turned the corner and within two hours was back to her fiery self.  WHEW!
Anth a few years ago with the boys!
Solo in his younger years on a camping trip!
Jack Rabbit Grooming!

I can't believe my youngest terrier has a gray muzzle now!
Feeding time!
Lounging time!

Young Buck Takes a Closer Look!

Bravo tries on my new hair accessory!
 Those ears!
 I call this pose the "semi- super hero" because just one thumper is sticking out...

 You don't want to mess with this bun!
 Bravo watches from his window seat perch.
 Relaxing with Buddy & Baby.
 Little frog in the outdoor dog water bowl!
 Now this is exciting:  Whole Foods now offers a sandwich in their deli called the "VEGANATOR"!
 This week Wasabi was trying her best to befriend Bravo!

 So cute!
 The bun sticking out her tongue!

 Not for the faint of heart, below...but I have to inspect Miz Wasabi's little poops because that's how I find out what's going on with her.  For example, the poops below are strung together with her fur...really bad; that's what can cause the digestive system to shut down and can be fatal.  Since rabbits go through a major shedding period three times a year, it is especially important to brush during that time.  She hates to be brushed, but too bad!  It is going to have to happen so we can avoid future "gas" issues!

 Playing with a new toy from Grandma Snap!

On the move!
Family of Deer!

 This beautiful, sweet old horse lives at the property we just listed this week and we've really bonded to her. No, we are NOT taking her...we don't have enough land and I think Paco & Luigi would be shocked to have to share their barn!  But we will do everything we can to make sure she ends up in a good spot...hopefully she can stay where she is and get a new friend, or go somewhere with other horses.
 I got to hang out with her a lot today!  She makes Paco & Luigi look like toys!

 Back home with the tiny boys!
 The weekly pose!

Thoughtful Raccoon!

Sweet old Toby...SO deaf, but still managing to run around!