Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Annual Trip to the Fair, Another New Camera & Cute Video of Mama Turkey with Babies at the Lazy Vegan!

My favorite video of the week, above...
Mama Turkey with her babies - so many of them!
It was another busy week at the Lazy Vegan, with various critters making their rounds for the critter cam, the arrival of a brand new camera "purchased" with more of our VISA points, and an annual trip to the fair!  This new camera will belong to the foreman for real estate...at least for now, until I borrow it and then claim it for another one of my own!  It does have some pretty spiffy features! Some examples of those features will be displayed here toward the bottom of this posting.  Other highlights of the week:  Miz Wasabi is very comfortable hopping up and exploring the living room couch now, and she especially loves to do it on the rare days I try to go back to sleep in the wee hours of the morning, which is apparently her party time!  Poor Toby is having a harder time getting around lately, and I think I need to revisit the idea of getting him on some pain meds for his canine arthritis to make him more comfortable...he's a good old pup and I hate to see him struggle to get up from his bed! 
The couch bunny!

Oh, so busy...

Wasabi likes it when I finish vacuuming the living room - she likes to then hop out and sprawl in the empty space.


I tucked one of Wasabi's many cottages underneath the kitchen table...made it like a little bunny fort!

Such a ridiculous bunny pose!
Staying cool by her frozen bottle.

One Turkey Takes Notice

The adorable pups!
Raccoon Not Feeling Like Being on Film!

The donks at dusk!

I love this time of year when their coats are completely shed.

Has Anyone Seen Wasabi?

Chris, Claire & Karina at Grandma Snap's house for lunch before the annual trip to the fair!
On the way there.  Chris & Claire followed, and Karina couldn't make it.

Patty & Anth with "Wac-a-mole" in the background!
The Tomashefsky men, minus Aaron.

The sisters with their mama!

OMG, getting ready to play Wac-a-mole!

Ready for action!

The game vendor actually took these photos with my camera!

It is not exactly a very vegan-friendly game - but the moles ARE fake!!
And we have a WINNER!  Mr. Scott Tomashefsky, proud new owner of a yellow PEPPER, not to be mistaken for a banana!

Little colorful rubber fishes in another game.
You didn't find me on any of the rides!
Chris and Drew get ready for some hoop action.
Drew's turn!

Shelling out more dough...

This beautiful purple and pink and blue pirate ship was built by the young man I mentor at the Humane Society - on display at the fair!
Scott, Pepper & Snap!
There's that cute couple again!
Pat's annual visit to the funnel cake place!

I have to admit they looked yummy.  If they had made a vegan & sugarless version, I would have bought one!
This year there was sand at the fair - a great idea for little kids!

Treat time while at the races (which, once again, I have to say:  I do NOT believe in horse races - too many horses end up abused, abandoned and worse):  Grandma Snap with her slice of pie from Mom's Apple Pie, Aunt Patty with her funnel cake, and me, below...with my from-home peanut butter sandwich on sprouted wheat bread...woo hoo!

Photo by Anth- thank you, Anth!

I couldn't help but notice that Pepper did not have any treats to eat.
Photos by Drew - thank you, Drew!

The horses are so beautiful.
Pepper had a good seat!
Pat and Anth in the flower show!
By the pretty fountain!
Whoops, this photo belonged back at the races...turns out Pepper had some funnel cake, after all...on the back of his head!

Scott and his "Pepper" posing!

Night Time Jack Rabbit, Above - and Daytime Jack Rabbit, Below!

Back home, the foreman had to test out different settings on the new camera...so the pups and I agreed to model!

 Big News!  Randy tests out the new camera that has these fun built-in backgrounds...pretty spiffy, because it automatically puts them in as you take the photo, v.s. using photo shop or something to add them later!
 Gee, I always wanted to be on the cover of a magazine!
 This one is called "Classic T.V."!  I think a photo of the donkeys would look cute here.
Beach theme - or shipwreck?
 I think I was supposed to be going the other direction here...
So many options!
 This one cracks me up...clean laundry on the line!
Gee, record label!
By the time we got to the billboard setting, I'd had enough!
Buck Passes Through