Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Toby & Wasabi Show, More Coyote Activity & a Happy 4th of July at the Lazy Vegan!

Lately Toby & Wasabi have been hanging out a lot together, and it is really cute to watch!  Toby will lay down in "her area" in the kitchen and when she's in the living room he will sometimes seek out her company.  The other day I even saw Wasabi rest her head on his paw - SO adorable, but I didn't want to leave them to get the camera (I still am very careful watching the bunny/dog interactions, especially since Toby is deaf).  In other riveting Lazy Vegan news, another coyote was caught on the critter cam and I happened to look out the kitchen window with the binoculars one evening just in time to spot a coyote and coyote pup on the hill across from us!  It was weird, because it was just perfect timing - they were walking across a small meadow into some woods.  A moment later and I would have missed them.  I tried looking for them many times after that initial sighting, but didn't have any luck.  It looked like the same pair from my coyote-pup video a month or so ago...the pup is very dark.  I love it that they're in the area!
The Toby & Wasabi show!

Standing for her gourmet salad!

Luigi Eats a Cookie!

Carrot Treat Time!

Banana treat time from the foreman.
With Rio Bravo, his formal name!

More of the Toby & Wasabi show!

Early Morning Young Bucks!
Mama Deer & Little Deer!

I love how they are almost snuggling together.

Oh, Speedy Bunny!

Coyote Heads Uphill!

Turkey, Followed by Squirrel on Tree

Raccoon Has Had Enough of the Camera!

We had a very mellow 4th of July.  The most exciting part was posing for our annual photos!

The bun checks out her decorated willow tent!

The patriotic rabbit.

Sometimes I wonder what the neighbors think of us...

As usual, Paco was into it!

Weegie didn't want to dress up, but he wanted to pose!

The 4th of July dweebs!

And more of the dweebs!

Dweebs continue!

Toby's starting to find the whole holiday thing a little bit BORING.

I'm holding some treats in my hand which is why the boys are posing so perfectly...

Nice One, Beano!

Just Another Adorable Jack Rabbit!

Toby's funny expression!

Kisses from Beano!

I think Paco and I are seriously starting to look alike.  Maybe it is time to stop taking "weekly pose" photos!

The bun relaxing with her Buddy & Baby.
Bravo giving the foreman kisses!
Posing with the terriers...Bravo is getting gray around his muzzle...my "pup" will be ten years old next month!!
Toby's still officially the oldest "pup", though, at age 14!
Hi, Crazy Rabbit!