Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Mini Heat Wave, Getting to Know the iPhone's Siri & a Curious Coyote at the Lazy Vegan!

       Wasabi's wild cousin in the front yard!
It was too hot for my liking this week but I managed to keep the house nice and cool for the dogs and rabbit.  My method of keeping all the windows open all night long and then shutting them down in the morning really works!  Maybe because of the warmer weather, more critters came out to be filmed this week, including a beautiful coyote - we got our best coyote videos yet of a coyote during the day!  Am thoroughly enjoying the new iPhone, and getting to know "Siri" has been a kick!  Now I dictate emails and texts to Siri, and place calls.  So much fun.  Plus, I'm discovering she has a sense of humor!  Today I asked her how old she was, and she answered:  "why does this concern you?"
 These photos of Bravo crack me up because I know exactly what is going on with him.  The farrier came this week, and that means special treat time for Bravo - he loves to look for donkey hoof trimmings in the corral!  I try to clean them all up but always miss one or two that he always then finds, and manages to get it oddly wedged in his mouth (luckily I know canine CPR!).
 He actually looks a tad worried!
 Post-salad relaxation time.
Wasabi Says Good Morning!

 Snap on our walk - taken with the iPhone!
 There's nothing quite like a good paper bag!
 My ridiculous trio!
 Too hot for Bravo.

 More napping time.  The sight of the three laying around always makes me smile.

Fox, Minus the Face!

 At the rental property, the fine tuning continues!  The foreman is doing some more landscaping and then has some more fence work and a few other items to do ...and then it is time to rent it or sell it!
At the rental property, taken by the iPhone!
Skunk (young one) in Driveway!

These are blurred but still cute - the foreman takes the bunny upstairs.

Oh, my!

One of these days Wasabi will decide to take her naps on the dog bed!

Two Raccoon Videos!

Tomatoes from the garden, and basil, too!  Which means it is time for vegan pesto!

Vegan pesto that I made in my Vita Mix blender, along with a wedge of vegan cheese topped with a fresh tomato!
The Three Coyote Videos of the Week - During the Day!

Hanging around and getting a treat!

Yet more lounging time.
Show Time!

Bunny on deck!

Getting ready for the farrier visit with a little walk beforehand.

Morning deer.

Morning binkies and fun with the zoo crew.

Mama with fawns in the driveway.
The foreman heads to the garden to pick his daily salad!

with Paco...taken with the iPhone!
Big Buck!