Sunday, August 19, 2012

Beautiful End of August Days with Super Early Rising Animals, the Delivery of Fresh Hay, New Dog Beds and Awesome Bobcat & Fox Videos from the Critter Cam!!

Paco and Luigi at Breakfast, 5:10 a.m.!
What a wild week of wild critters it has been!  So many videos from the critter cam that I only put the best on this week's blog posting...but there were plenty of jack rabbits, skunks, deer, turkeys and other critters that were filmed!  The coolest thing was finally a good viewing of a bobcat - not one, but four videos taken early this morning!  Sadly, the bobcat was out looking for breakfast (clearly didn't get the memo that this was a vegan-only property!)...my only hope is that it was a swift killer.  In other riveting news, I accidentally cut poor Toby's nails too short and what a scene that was.  I've been trimming the dogs' nails myself for a couple of years now to save $ at the vet.  Toby's nails are all black, so it is hard to see where the "quick" is in the nail - and that's the part that really hurts and bleeds if you cut into it.  Poor Toby!  I cut two nails too short and, not to sound dramatic, but it was pretty horrific how the blood spurted out everywhere - very messy.  I promised Toby that from now on, I'll leave that job to the vet!  I couldn't help but notice that Bravo was nowhere to be seen while this fiasco was going on!  Also riveting news:  fresh orchard grass hay was delivered this week and the donkeys and Wasabi (big hay eater that she is!) absolutely love this hay, but for some reason I am super allergic to it - if I come into contact with it at all I break out into hives!  And, lastly, my quest for getting more sleep lately is not being fulfilled.  The dogs have woken up every day this week before 5:00 a.m., and any attempts at trying to resume sleep after feeding the crew has not been successful (Miz Wasabi is an early morning party girl!!).  But who needs sleep when there are so many fun animals to hang around with in the waking world!
Early Morning Risers!
Coyotes Singing at Dawn!

Wasabi SO wants a playmate!

The foreman enjoys his breakfast on the terrace.
New beds for the pups!  I'd get one for Wasabi, too, but am afraid she'd chew it and disturb her delicate digestive system!

Oh, beautiful poison oak!
BOBCAT!!  Four videos of perhaps the same bobcat...hard to tell.  Probably the same one, since they tend to be solitary animals...this one had a busy morning!

This last one looks like it was later in the morning.

Relaxing in the kitchen!
Relaxing in the living room!
REALLY relaxing!

Funny Luigi.

The boys touch noses all the time.

The weekly pose!
Sometimes you just have to lay down to finish your salad!
One of my quickie meals..."no chicken" broth with rice and tofu!
The donks have been very playful in the evenings lately.

Beautiful Buck!

Snuggled down for the night!

So many options for a vegan these days...all of the above, all vegan!
When I first put the new dog beds down, the boys didn't seem to realize there were two of them!

Toby and Wasabi have been hanging out a lot lately.

Time to groom.

I've noticed she likes to groom before napping!
Fox trots off!

Bravo investigates the empty dog food bag!

Oh, the injustice of it all - BATH TIME!

TWO more fox videos!
 (check out the fox yawning in this second one...)

The foreman takes a photo with his iPhone!

Evening time with the donkeys!

I have to stop wearing my flip flops in the pasture...not enough traction!

Cute Weegie.

A rare moment of the foreman sitting down.
The bun grooms while the dogs lounge.