Sunday, August 26, 2012

Bravo Turns Ten, Toby Goes to the Vet & A Trio of Coyotes Visit the Lazy Vegan!

Super Hero Bunny!
It was an eventful week at the Lazy Vegan with Bravo turning ten (Happy Birthday, Rio Bravo!), Toby going to the vet to get started on arthritis meds, an impromptu visit from the jet setter Paul, a dinner party and a trio (which makes it a pack!) of coyotes caught on the critter cam!  Not to mention many hours spent trying to find a new home for the poor neglected horse at one of our listings...we're keeping our fingers crossed that we'll find her a new place this week, and we know we have a foster situation confirmed for her at a rescue group if we need it, so that's good news.  She's a sweet horse and we're quite fond of her and want to make sure she ends up in a great new place!
Checking out the foreman's new tennis shoes...dangerously close to being able to chomp on the laces!
I love how Wasabi likes to wedge herself between the table leg and the chair.
The Coyote Trio!
And More!

Sunday morning after a tennis match!
Toby seeks some shade.  The new arthritis medicine definitely seems to help, but as with any drug there are side effects...so I'm not sure yet if I like him being on it.
 Brave canine patient!!

Bravo soaks up the sun.
Still a little hard to do steps these days!

I swear I can just tell by looking at one of the animals that they're on medication.
Proudly on display in the critter cam "wilderness"...one of my homemade branch tripods!
And there's the camera!  Slow critter cam activity this week...maybe they're all saving up for the upcoming holiday weekend!
Another Beautiful Buck!

Everyone was excited to celebrate Bravo's tenth birthday, because it meant TREATS!

A fancy cookie from the pet store (although Wasabi just got a carrot treat!).

Blabbing away to Wasabi about something...

Wondering (anxiously) if he's ever going to be able to eat the thing!

This made me laugh - Wasabi did one of her dramatic roll overs right at Bravo's feet!
Summer dinner party - the first we've had in years!

Not great photos, but you get the idea.

Paco was so happy with the guests that he did a dust bath and then sat up in his funny donkey style!

He hardly ever sits like this (Weegie never does) and I think it is so cute!

Camille made an amazing vegan mocha cake...for which I decided to break my long-standing no sugar routine!

Brenda had a great Jack Russell for years that passed on last year...so she got her fill of the terrier energy with ours!

The jet setter Paul, back from Finland - where he broke his hand while riding a bicycle!!

Wasabi loved hanging out right by him!

While cleaning the living room, I moved the furniture around and Wasabi went nuts exploring!

She's not at all afraid of the vacuum cleaner, which is funny, because Bravo sure is!
Heading upstairs!
Two precious fawns.
OMG, yet another dramatic roll over...this one she kept "frozen" for a long time!  She also did one during our dinner party, which was hysterical!

 Toby seems sleepier on his new meds.
 Saying hi to the bun.

 Beautiful Luigi!
 Garbage man!

 The weekly pose!

Paco being silly with a stick!