Sunday, August 5, 2012

Happy Birthday to the Foreman, New iPhones and Curious Raccoon Duo at the Lazy Vegan!

                                                          Miz Wasabi, Queen of All
Pretty exciting news here at the Lazy Vegan...the foreman had a birthday and we got new iPhones...which means we have joined the masses with technology at our fingertips!  Now we just have to learn how to use them!  We'll have to have the twenty-something kids over for a lesson.  It is great being able to retrieve email from anywhere and fun to surf the web...however, reception is spotty at our house - which is just as well... nice to have an area where one can take a break from using the little device.  Ours has a cool feature where you can "talk" to a "woman" named Siri.  So far I've asked her fascinating questions like "where am I?" to which she says "just a moment" and then pulls up a map to show me where I am.  This was pretty fun until I found out how much it uses up the battery, so for now on I'll only use it when I really don't know where I am! As far as the foreman's birthday, he was a good sport about celebrating it even though he's not really a birthday party kind of guy...so we did not plan anything, but the girls called and came over at the last minute and I whipped up a b-day dinner...and we called it good for another year!  Critter cam activity was slow this week, but I love the video of a raccoon duo...be sure to watch the whole thing...one raccoon moved the camera while the other trotted down the trail to check it out!
With Buddy...I noticed Buddy has been groomed so much that all of his fake fur is going one direction!
A lone turk.
 Didn't take many donkey photos this week...have been too busy!

 Paco looks like he has forgotten what the camera looks like!
It is really easy to tell the boys apart during this season with their coats so short...Paco is so much darker than Luigi.
Managing to get cozy just about anywhere!

Hopping up to the couch to say hi to Toby!

Pre-dinner lounging time.

Another Curious Buck!
 Hard to Scratch with Antlers!

Karina came by early in the week while the foreman was still testing out his new camera.

So he took some fun background shots with Karina as the model!

The Raccoon Duo - watch how one moves the camera while the other looks on!

Wasabi has no fear whatsoever of shoving the pups out of her way!

Rearranging things inside her Magic Dream cottage!
Super relaxed bun.

The birthday boy on his birthday at the office, working hard!
The brand new septic system has been installed at our rental property...woo hoo!!

The "risers" to the septic...

 And after we had mulch delivered to cover up all the dirt...

 Now it is down to finishing up a few minor items before we can rent it out again...or sell it!
 So cool to be able to check email while at the fixer!
 The iPhone dweebs!  I got a white one with a blue case while the foreman got black on black.
New bamboo fencing.
Hopping Uphill at Night!

The impromptu b-day dinner.

Claire just got an iPhone, too - and Karina is an old hat with hers...
They really convinced me that it was high time that at least the foreman got one...and if he got one, of course I wanted one, too!

Wasabi loves company and so do the pups!
Here she makes herself comfortable by Claire's feet!
Since we didn't make any birthday plans and the foreman isn't big on sweets, I just "made" a cake out of sorbet and a pre-made pie crust...super, super simple (and it looks it, too)!

Another year gone by!
Gosh, we're getting good at those fake smiles!

Everyone cramming in under the kitchen table!

Posing with his daughters!

Some photos of the foreman in his younger years...

The one above has always been one of my favorites!
Very young cowboy! 

Obviously, pre-vegan days! Measuring a fish...yikes!
Just hanging out on a Sunday morning.
With the Sunday paper, which I usually buy once a week as a fun treat - but I have to walk there to get it, so I have to earn it!
The two photos above were taken with the iPhone...not bad!
The dogs and bun seem to definitely notice the different sounds the iPhone makes.

Taking video with the iPhone!

It seems like there's nothing this little phone can't do...except perhaps clean, cook, feed the animals, do laundry...
Morning Time Yoga!

"Twitchy Girl"!