Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Very Happy Ending for Jennie the Horse, Happy Birthday to Deb and Congrats to Aaron... and Luigi Finds his Donkey Voice after Five Years at the Lazy Vegan!

There was a lot worth celebrating this week at the Lazy Vegan!! Starting off with the happy ending for Jennie the horse.  The third and final attempt to remove her from the property failed...the expert trainer who had her haltered within ten minutes last week couldn't get close to putting a halter on her again, despite working with her for hours!  A group of us watched the action from behind the house, as we were told we were distracting the horse (and I think the trainer).  It was an odd dramatic scene with the two horse rescue groups and the trainer and vet all having different opinions as to what should happen with Jennie - the trainer wanted to keep her in the small front corral and try on another day, but it was so obvious that the horse was in distress and just wanted to go out to the big pasture!  In the end, that's what happen - the horse, according to the trainer, "won" - and I am super glad she did, because then the new owners of the property decided to let her stay, and a wonderful neighbor volunteered to come work with her over the next several months so she can eventually be haltered for vet visits, etc.  The last email report I got from this generous horse lover was that she spent over an hour with Jennie, brushing her and giving her carrots and "apologizing" to her for the ordeal she had to go through over the past week!  We couldn't ask for a better end to this drama!  And in other good news, we rented out our rental within one day of advertising it to a teacher and his two cats...the perfect fit!  We were excited to hear about my nephew's first week at the Berklee College of Music in Boston - go, Muffin Head!!  And Happy Birthday to Debbie this week!  Perhaps in honor of her birthday, Luigi let out the most audible hee-haw yet - the loudest we have ever head him in the five years since he has lived here.  I was a bit late with dinner, and he suddenly blasted off a musical donkey voice - so, so cute...and LOUD.  Usually he hee-haws in a whisper, so this might be the start of something new...now we'll have two loud donkeys!  And, lastly, Toby once again had a reaction to the second type of painkillers after another pricey visit to the vet...so I think we are going to give the drugs a break for a bit and try something new!
A Curious Pair of Coyotes!

Jennie trotting around in the front pasture with the expert trainer.

The trainer really tried, and Jennie seemed to listen - but only for a short while!
Looking out at the acreage she's used to roaming!

I wish I had gotten a video of her racing back out to the pasture - wasn't quick enough with the camera.
Happy to be back where she belongs!
Jennie back in her pasture!

The donks look so small compared to Jennie!

Playing one morning.

The bun visits the deck!

Quality time with Toby.

Salad time!

I call this "the wedge".
The Kitchen Queen.

We think this is a young red-shouldered hawk...checked our bird book!
Fox Trots By!

Amazing sunset with a rainbow one evening!
Really pathetic video early in the morning...

When I see a new vegan product, I have to try it!  This one was very good.
Oh, my...that face!
Lounging donks.

The passion flowers are amazing!
Poor old Toby waits to be let in.
Luigi's yoga pose and scratching technique!

The weekly pose!

A very unexciting but realistic donkey video!

Stepping out with Paco.

The bun thanking me for dinner...sort-of.
You can't really tell, but that is a SKUNK during the day in the photo above...he or she is right at the entrance of the garden gate!  The foreman spotted it going down our path and all hell broke loose with the terriers (luckily, they were not outside)...and while they barked madly, Wasabi indicated her displeasure by thumping away...it was quite the scene!  The foreman bravely went out (I did not volunteer) but couldn't find the skunk.  It is unusual to see one during the day, but this one looked fine...if they're rabid they stagger around!
Lots of Buck Videos Lately!

The boys head in for carrot treats!

 Celebration time - so happy to have rented the rental house!  We had a toast in our favorite special wine glasses that were a gift from Aunt Bubba & Uncle Neil...and used the champagne Snap gave the foreman for his b-day!