Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Saga of Jennie the Horse Continues on Labor Day Weekend at the Lazy Vegan

It has been an odd week at the Lazy Vegan...and then a friend pointed out that it was a month with two full moons, a "blue moon" - and I thought perhaps that could be part of the reason for the strangeness!  The week started off with poor Toby getting awful symptoms from the pain meds he started on for his arthritis last week...so lots of messes to clean up and a call into the vet.  We stopped the medication completely and he has another appointment next week to see what our options are.  More and more he's looking to me like he could use some help with staying comfortable.  And the saga of the rescue of the horse at our listing (which just closed escrow) continues with a lot of high drama...even though we found Jennie the horse a great new home at an animal rescue sanctuary, she is determined not to leave the only home she's known for almost twenty years - and since she's had very little handling in probably that same amount of time it is making it a very difficult task to relocate her.  Two rescue groups, a trainer & assistant were unsuccessful in getting her to load a trailer...in fact, by their accounts it was a pretty horrific scene (we were present for the first attempt but couldn't make the second) when the horse reared up and flipped over.  So now everyone is waiting to attempt it again on Tuesday - this time with the help of a vet, who will sedate her.  I'm really hoping this time they'll be able to get her in and on her way...the other option for her is unthinkable right now! And, lastly, a few days ago while mucking out the donkey barn I tweaked my back and came down with a nasty case of sciatica...I guess I am going to have to be patient with this one...electric shock type of pain down the leg is not fun, and makes it that much harder to do everything I do around the Lazy Vegan!
The big family of turkeys are back visiting a lot lately!

Yet Another Turkey Parade!

It seems like all the tomatoes get ripe at once...and then we just as quickly eat them!

Bravo, the Raspberry-Eating Terrier!

Little old Toby, off his meds for now.

Raccoon Pays No Attention to Basket!
(For fun I put out a basket to see how the critters would react...Snap suggested a mirror, which is a great idea...but I need to find an unbreakable/safe one first!).

The Queen of Lounge, Miz Wasabi.

Relaxing with Bravo.
Beautiful bunny!
One last visit with Paul before he heads back to NYC!
Giving Wasabi her banana treat!

Ridiculous Long Ears!

Milling about in the morning.

A bunny without a care in the world!
Why use new dog beds when you can have the COUCH???

The next many photos are all of Jennie the horse and the first attempt, last Friday morning, to relocate her.
Jennie really bonded with the foreman and she follows him around!  Which was especially helpful when he had to coax her back to the front pasture.

Jennie hangs with the foreman while he gets a phone call.
The Rescue of Jennie, Part One

Finding a space for the huge trailer.

One of the rescue groups involved...the other is Sadie's Haven Horse Rescue, and the rescue group/animal santuary where Jennie will be living (if we can get her there) is Brighthaven: http://brighthaven.org/
The women horse rescuers were really great - very dedicated horse people...one of them said she saves horses on their way to auction (for slaughter), and the other saves them (by buying them) at auction!

Attempting the halter...

Getting Jennie into a confined area.

The Rescue of Jennie, Part Two

Trying to get Jennie to "join up".

Deciding to come back later in the day.  Keeping our fingers crossed for the third attempt on Tuesday!!!

Snap hosted a wonderful lunch and invited real Russian people!  And others!

The perfect thing to do before leaving at the end of the month for her cruise in Russia!

I should have taken more photos...I was a bit distracted, waiting for a call about Jennie the horse and trying not to sit for too long with my pain-in-the-butt Sciatica!
Snuggle on the couch time!

I sometimes wonder if Wasabi thinks she is a dog.

Super cute Weegie!
And adorable Paco!

Helping clean up manure!
The Donkeys Help Clean the Corral!

To add to the weirdness of this somewhat stressful week, I found a dead bird floating in the donkeys' automatic waterer...have no idea how it got there.  Poor thing.