Sunday, September 16, 2012

WHOA, Suddenly the Donkeys are Getting Fat and Other Riveting News at the Lazy Vegan!

Toasted walnuts on my salad...yum!
For years I've read warnings about how donkeys can get fat and I've always been super careful with treats and hay...but, alas, our donkeys are suddenly getting FAT!!!  Or they are at least on their way to becoming fat...Paco even has little lumps - "fatty deposits".  Yikes!  So as of today I stopped all treats - they were getting carrots every day and a Mrs. Pasture's cookie once a week, but no more.  I think part of the problem is that within this past year they become fully grown, and no longer need extra calories.  Weight is supposed to be really hard to get off of a donkey...I sure hope we can slim them down.  They actually still look great from afar, and to the untrained donkey eye probably look fine, but to us they are looking like little porkers!  And aside from looks, it isn't healthy for them to be carrying extra weight.  So this has turned out to be the issue of the week...I've marked the calendar and hope to see improvement within a few months.  The other problem with donkeys is that you can never put them on a drastic diet, because they then can get a disease as their fat goes into their liver (or something like that) - and it can be fatal!  So I am doing it the slowly but surely method...with more walks and zero treats!!  

 Fox Zooms By!
(Note what he is passing on up...I took Dad's suggestion to leave sugar cubes and water out for the raccoons to see if they would "wash" the sugar cubes...but after two days, not one critter touched the sugar cubes...guess they're all well fed!)

Toby's pose for the new season!
Mr. Chunky Paco takes a dust bath...look at that belly!
Donkeys actually naturally have big bellies, but it is the fat in other areas that we are concerned about.

Weegie takes a dust bath, too!
Quick Donkey Video!

The Lazy Vegan at Sunset.
Paco contemplates what life will be like without carrot treats!
Weegie thinks about it, too!
Fun and games!

They really both still look great - I think we caught the beginning of the fatness just in time!

The foreman putting in a cat door at the rental for our new tenant!
Turkeys Take a Hike!

Contemplating a hop up.
Three Adorable Short Bunny & Dog Videos!

Oh, the many faces of Wasabi!

Flop out time.

Toby takes a cat nap.  Make that a dog nap!

This is what the hour before dinner looks like!

A very vocal bun (not really, but it does look like she's singing or something here!)

More flop out time.

A trio of young deer.
 And more deer!

Hanging out with the donks - instead of carrot treats, they get more affection time!

Two Videos of Donkeys Racing & Playing!

You can hear Weegie snort in the first video!
Check out Paco's kicks in the second video!
Toby and Wasabi really like to lounge together lately!

At the vet with Toby.  He is now completely off of drugs and on a joint supplement instead.  It should take a couple of months to hopefully see some results.
Inspecting the room before the vet enters!
Photo taken by the foreman with his iPhone!
Raccoon Goes Uphill!