Sunday, October 7, 2012

Happy Third Birthday to Wasabi, a Wonderful Visit from Karina's Half-Sister & Sure Signs of Fall at the Lazy Vegan!

Wow- rain clouds!
Another week has come and gone at the Lazy Vegan...but this time there were no lost or sick animals or any kind of critter drama!  Wasabi celebrated her third birthday (really the third anniversary of the day we rescued her - although the vet thinks she was about six months at that time, so it is really about her third birthday!) in style with her canine brothers, and we got the fantastic news that Karina's half sister, Emily, was coming for a visit!  We were so excited to finally meet little Emily - we've corresponded with her over the years and Karina has seen her, but this was the first visit to the Lazy Vegan.  She is a total cutie pie - and smart & funny, too!  She was fearless around the animal crew (even after Paco gave her a little love bite!) and got the full Lazy Vegan tour, including a stint on the swing! We're really hoping she comes back soon!  
GOOD LUCK to Deb this week as she undergoes her second knee surgery...twice around should make it much easier!  And the update from Russia:  Snap is enjoying her trip and was even able to email a few times...hurrah for modern technology, when you can be miles and miles apart and still communicate!
 The top of Toby's adorable head.

 Lumpy old Toby still gets around!
 The foreman making some house repairs!

 Lounging in the midday sun.

Go, Luigi!

 Signs of Fall!!

Moving the firewood pile to make room for more fencing!
Roly Poly Raccoon

Happy (HOPPY) Birthday to Miz Wasabi!  Those are special hay cookies below that I ordered from BunSpace - customized!

The birthday party!
Wasabi finally took a cookie - the "H", while the dogs looked on...

Chomping away at the cookie!

I couldn't believe how polite the dogs were being!

Finally, Bravo couldn't stand it any longer...and made off with the "i"!

We can't believe it has been three years...she certainly is living quite the life, especially compared to the horrible small cage she used to be in!
She loves to hop right up to Bravo, and he is amazingly patient with her.

Wasabi & Bravo!

Evening lounging.

And daytime lounging!

The donks still love their new area, but it is appalling how they've already chewed it down in just one week!

The following are all from Emily's Visit!
She's eight years old...so Karina is nineteen years older than her.

Shortly before Paco gave her a little love bite!

Nick played his violin for the donkeys!
Emily tried it out!

What fun!

SO adorable together!

We hope she comes back soon...the swing will be waiting!

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