Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Rabbit is on a Diet, Getting Ready for the Rain and the Lazy Vegan Bobcat Visits Once Again...at the Lazy Vegan!

The Donks spend quality time with the foreman!
We keep hearing about how it is going to rain - but so far, no drops of anything have fallen at the Lazy Vegan.  But we are prepared!  The foreman has been working on the exterior of the house while I've organized the donkey barn and added new, clean pine shavings for the spoiled boys to hang out on when it really does start to get wet.  I'm a little worried that their new fenced area is going to turn into a big mud pit - they've already nibbled every blade of grass there was in that area, right down to the dirt!
Miz Wasabi is on a diet - which means her salads are a bit smaller, and her carrot treats are less frequent - she doesn't seem to notice.  And to me it seems like the donkeys ARE getting slimmer!  So hopefully by the new year we'll see a definite change.  Too bad we don't have a big scale for them to step on for weekly weigh-ins!  
Our resident bobcat has visited once again, as evidenced by the critter cam.  It is always a thrill to see him or her - such a beautiful animal.  We're also a bit amused at how every so often we'll get a film of the neighborhood feral cat wandering in the same spot as the bobcat (although not at the same time!) - a pretty brave little kitty to venture out where the big cats and coyotes live!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY this week to Scott!!!  Above is one of my all time favorite photos of Scott - as the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz!!
Taking the bunny princess upstairs!
Wasabi loves it when I bring the vacuum out.  Which is kind of funny, because Bravo is terrified of it!
Crazy rabbit hopping all over the place!

OMG, a postcard from Russia!  From Snap, of course.  I was able to see her slideshow of photos and they were amazing - made me feel like I had gone on the trip!

The foreman works on "buttoning up" the exterior of the house before the rains come.

Sticking out her tongue!

Silly rabbit!
I go through phases with my juicer, and now I'm entering a juicing phase again.  Above is carrot, apple, ginger and lemon juice.  YUM!
The foreman breaks for lunch.
And lunch was, along with the carrot juice, tofu-egg-less salad on rye, crackers and amazing vegan jack cheese and lentil soup!
Sturdy looking Luigi!
It is that time of year for harvest decorations - so I merely went outside and picked out some pine cones!

Goofy little old Toby.
Yep, that's the foreman on the roof again.  Sometimes it is hard to keep him off the roof (or off of a tree)!

Posing in the Fall leaves!

I brought the foreman coffee (instant - woo hoo) while he worked on the roof - very handy to give it to him through the bathroom window!  This is one of the things I love about having no screens!

Wasabi watches one of the presidential debates while chomping on hay.
Bobcat in the Afternoon!
Brave Neighborhood Feral Cat!

The trio!
Paco sits down while Weegie goes off to take a dust bath.

Playing at dusk!

Sniffing Fox!
This week I had my last day at my volunteer job at Forget Me Not Farm.  I'll go back to volunteer in probably another position in the new year.  I'll miss a lot of things about that place, including the animals!
Reno the horse and Raymond the cow.
Carmen the donkey and a goat - forget his name!
With Raymond and the farm manager.
 Inside the classroom at the Humane Society, and outside of the building!

 This cat arrived on the "adoption floor" on my last day...I would have liked to have met her - she has the same name as the middle name I gave myself many years ago!
 Carmen scratches an itch just like Paco and Luigi do!
 Reno the horse has one blue eye and one brown eye.
Geronimo with a fly mask on.
Kittens cuddling!
With one of the many cats up for adoption - the young man I mentored took this photo!
Lunch one day...burritos with sprouted tortillas and a kale salad!
Majestic Buck!

The weekly (and ridiculous) pose!
Paco takes a leaf.

The donkeys watch something far away.
Stir fry with toasted sesame seeds - my latest thing - they're so good!
The pups wander off.
Donkey butts!
Still enjoying their new area, even though there's virtually no grass left!

Lots of dust for dust bathing, though!

Hanging out in the corral waiting for dinner!
Wasabi and her box!