Sunday, October 14, 2012

Wasabi's Annual Exam with the Rabbit Specialist, a Bobcat Smack in the Middle of the Front Yard & the First Fire of the Season at the Lazy Vegan!

We can tell that Fall has arrived at the Lazy Vegan, because the temperatures have begun to drop and we even had our first fire of the season...in the fireplace, of course!  The terriers wasted no time picking out prime seating arrangements for themselves for the evening.  I'd forgotten how wonderful wood heat is - it feels so much better than central heat, although obviously less convenient and more work!
Miz Wasabi went to see the rabbit specialist vet for her annual exam this week and got a clean bill of health...except that the vet said she was a bit "chunky" and needs to cut back on her greens and carrot treats a bit.  She now weighs a whooping EIGHT pounds, up from seven pounds a year ago! And in other news this week, I spotted a bobcat smack in the middle of our front yard when I went down to feed the donkeys shortly after 5 a.m. - I was bummed I didn't have the camera with me!  But when I retrieved the critter cam later in the day, I saw the same bobcat sauntering uphill...so we definitely have a resident bobcat at the Lazy Vegan! That night I put the camera up in our landscaping, and the next day had filmed a fox...we definitely have many visitors right close by each night.  Paco and Luigi must like the company!
Congrats to Deb on a successful second knee surgery, and welcome home to Snap, back from her trip in Russia!
Getting cozy!

In the exam room at the rabbit specialist vet!  I wish it wasn't such a long drive - it is a long time for her to be in her small crate!
Back at home, staring at me through her willow tunnel!

All tuckered out from her appointment.
Whenever I am cleaning Toby thinks it is play time!
The "chunky" one!
And the former chunky one...Bravo has kept off the weight he lost a couple of years ago, mainly because he goes on leash walks and can't get to the neighbor's cat food!
Spotted through the upstairs window:  the foreman spending quality time with the donks!

Hard to tell in this photo, but we got new awnings above the kitchen windows!

Bravo's way of saying hello!
The dramatic roll over never fails to make me laugh.
Bravo and his big mouth!
Waiting very patiently for dinner!
Three Videos: a Pair of Foxes, and then a Fox in the Front Yard & a Fox by the Donkeys' Waterer!!

Time to chew.

The really ridiculous trio!

 My attempts this year to get a decent photo for the upcoming Halloween holiday were pathetic - I suddenly have uncooperative donkeys!  Paco is still a really good sport, so he donned a hat (which faithful blog readers will see when Halloween arrives) - but Luigi got the heck out of there as soon as he saw the decorations!
At one point we even lost control of the pumpkin, and it rolled down the hill!

The boys still got their usual hugs and kisses - perhaps they've just outgrown holidays!

Welcome home to Snap, back from Russia!  Here she's airing out clothes in her backyard!
Russian money is pretty!
Showing off a beautiful Russian umbrella!  I can't wait to see photos from her trip!
The Lazy Vegan Bobcat!

The sandwich I made one day - portabella mushroom with sauted zucchini and smokey basil hummus.  YUM!
Morning deer.
Wasabi's not quite sure what to make of Toby's ball!
The foreman putting up the new awnings.
Two Raccoon Videos - a pair (one looks blind) and then one very closely examining the camera!

The new awnings - they will help keep the rain off of the house, and make the kitchen cooler on hot days.
A sunny patch to nap in!
Mama with youngster.
Curious younger buck!
Deer & Buck!

And more of the new awnings, from afar...
The foreman practices!

Another Night Jack
Jack Rabbit at Night in a Heavy Drizzle!