Sunday, November 11, 2012

Freezing Nights and Frosty Mornings and Keeping the Fireplace all Fired Up at The Lazy Vegan!

BRRRRRRRRRRRRRR....it was a cold week at the Lazy Vegan, and the fireplace has been getting a lot of use!  We've been trying to keep it steadily going by adding a log when we come home for lunch and right before bed, etc. - it makes a big difference in keeping the house warm and we have yet to even turn on the central heat.  Unless we run out of firewood, we probably could continue to heat the house just with the fireplace - it is a super efficient one and really does the job!  I actually love the frosty mornings but hope the donkeys don't mind the cold (at least their water hasn't frozen over yet!).  The donkeys met their new vet this week when he came for a little visit to give them their rabies shots.  He was great (we liked our old vet, but he left the practice due to a move) and he was so fast that I didn't even get an opportunity to snap one photo!  He had a very relaxed manner with the donkeys and kept the shots in his pocket, which I didn't even realize until suddenly he popped one out and BINGO gave it right to Luigi in the neck - and then the same to Paco!  I think the boys were a bit stunned.  No bucking or rearing up or any drama whatsoever...it was almost boring, which is a far cry from vet visits in the past!  So the foreman and I were quite pleased with this new fellow - and now the boys don't have to see him until it is time for shots again in the Spring!
Weegie giving me the "stare down"!
Relaxing with Paco in the mid morning sunshine.

I LOVE hanging out with the donkeys when they are sleepy - their coats are all soft and warm and they are so funny - Paco always sighs when I sit down next to him (hopefully it isn't a sigh of annoyance!).

I forgot to mention that the vet said they are just moderately overweight.  On the equine scale system, they are a "six" - with a one being very underweight and a nine being extremely overweight.  Ideally, they should be a "five" - so that's our goal!

Fox Checks Scent!

Quick Fox!

When the bun has had enough of exploring the living room, she'll simply hop back to her kitchen "playground"!

Such a face!
Busy, busy, busy...

The weekly pose!
Beautiful crisp morning.
Buck with Limp
(I have actually been practicing a bit of "Reiki" on this poor buck - I have a book and don't quite know what I am doing yet, but I figure it can't hurt to send him some healing energy!!).
Younger Buck Heads Down Trail
And Even Younger Buck Checks out Camera!

Play time!

Donkeys Playing!

A different angle of home!

Keeping warm on a cold morning.
Saying hi to the donks!

The boys love the extra attention!

Mama deer with young ones

Weegie wonders what in the heck Bravo is doing with his leash caught on the feeder!
More fun with the bun and pups!
Couch bunny!

Getting ready for the vet visit!

A walk before the vet arrives.
Darling Squirrel Pops up at End of Video

Right after the vet left (he was in and out!) - the boys can't believe that was it!

Paco illustrates how the sweet grain pan is always EMPTY!