Sunday, November 25, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving and More at the Lazy Vegan!

We had a Happy Thanksgiving here at the Lazy Vegan!  I'll let the photos speak for themselves...still too busy settling into a new routine here to add photo captions to each photo on this week's posting.  Lots of critter cam activity, too - AND a coyote waltzing down our driveway at noon one day!  
Turkey says THANKS!

Julie relaxes on the terrace of her new home!
It has been one week today since the foreman's mom moved in...and we are all settling nicely into our new routine!  The animals are being very well-behaved, and that helps a lot.

The foreman puts together a brand new vacuum cleaner for me!  WOO HOO!
Bravo is scared of vacuum cleaners, so he hid out on the stairs...

Breakfast awaits Juliana!

Fast Fox!
Night time Jack!

An evening Thanksgiving gathering!

 My Favorite Buck Walking Better!
And another one...

At Snap's house for Thanksgiving dinner!

Burning the Marshmallows:  a Thanksgiving Tradition!

Aaron was here from Boston - and I finally got to meet his wonderful girlfriend, Mo!

The traditional pose with Uncle Jimmy!

Mo's adorable dog!

Daytime Coyote!

Thanksgiving Morning Coyote!

Two Coyotes!

Wasabi is having SO much fun on the new bed upstairs!

Managed to get in some quality time with the donkeys!

Little brunch one late morning!

The foreman has been putting safety railings up and these nifty yellow stickers to help his mom with the stairs.
And he bought this beautiful new bench for our "new" bedroom - took all day to assemble!
 Redesigning part of the "new" bedroom for us to make it more efficient.
 Beautiful Thanksgiving morning!

My washing machine BROKE today - and left all these clothes soaked, so I had to make use of the clothesline!
YEP, that's a coyote on our driveway!