Sunday, November 4, 2012

Happy World Vegan Day & Five years of Being Vegan & Happy Halloween & Day of the Dead at the Lazy Vegan!

Love the turkey vultures when they air out their wings!
Lots of little holidays this week with Halloween (which really is one of my favorite holidays, despite the fact that I don't eat sugar like I used to), Day of the Dead (I've always been fascinated by this holiday and next year I really want to honor it more) AND reaching the five year mark of being vegans on Nov. 1st, which also happens to be World Vegan Day!  I still vividly remember that pivotal moment when I decided on the spot not to eat any animal byproducts - it was during the time I was a volunteer for Prop. 2 in California (the proposition that ended up passing and goes into effect in 2015 to make cages for hens big enough for them to turn around and spread their wings, which eliminates gestation crates for pigs (google that one and you'll see what a cruel practice that is!), and eliminates veal crates (how anyone can possibly even think of eating veal is beyond me - baby calves are taken from their mamas within days and then they spend their short lives (usually 3-4 months) tethered in small crates so their meat remains tender - horrific!!!!).  ANYWAY, the pivotal moment for me was right after watching a particularly disturbing film about factory farming.  It was one of those undercover videos, and I just remember while watching it that it dawned on me that this was the reality for those animals - they weren't "acting" or "faking it" for a video; this was the actual truth of their miserable lives...and I remember crying and telling the foreman that I was becoming a vegan.  He decided to be one on the spot, too!  And we've never looked back...I feel like it has been the best journey in my life thus far - one in which I have learned so much more about the creatures of the world and I have an immense appreciation for them - and I hope by the time we are celebrating our next vegan anniversary that more laws will have been passed to protect all animals, especially those raised for food.

It was turkey vulture morning this morning!  I think they are so cool!

This one above actually had something hanging from his mouth.

Sharing the oak with a crow.

What a wingspan!
Looking at the moon!

Young Deer Checks out Camera at Night!

Carrot, celery, apple, ginger & lemon juice!
I think pine cones are a work of art.
OMG, I can tell I really am a crazy donkey person now...because I get so excited at the sight of GREEN grass coming back!!
Totally relaxed bun!
Fun with a metal pail.

The boys enjoying their new area - still!
My Favorite One-Eyed Raccoon!

Every night Wasabi does what we call the "hop to pop" - it is the cutest thing.  She'll hop over to the foreman to get petted!
Snuggle time with the bun!
The foreman's usual plate of morning potatoes!
Second week of the NY Times delivery - so much fun!

What a Halloween this was with the donkeys!  They REFUSED to get in the spirit this year!  Paco was at least a good sport to don this ridiculous witch hat with attached hair!

Weegie galloped away from me as soon as he saw me coming!

Hopping over to join the Halloween party!

Trying to take a little bite!

Not too sure about this "pumpkin patch"!
I actually carved a pumpkin!  Two years in a row!
SOOOOO basic, but at least I did it!

And I roasted the pumpkin seeds...yum!
Went as a vegan witch this year!
Too bad I can't get around on this thing...would save on gas money!

"Bones" Rousseau really had a great holiday!

And he also celebrated Day of the Dead!
Big Buck
 (sadly, he has a really bad limp - you can't see it in this video but I have lots of other videos taken this week of him limping slowly around the trees - sure hope he makes it through)

My salad, above - and the foreman's salad, below (he eats a huge salad!).

Tons of turkeys lately!
Sometimes clouds remind me of the ocean.
Play time one evening.

Lots of rain earlier in the week - the donkeys were not that happy about it!
Luckily they have both a barn and a metal shelter to stay dry in.

And I always go spend extra time with them when it is raining!

Basic lunch!

Sunny afternoon after the rains.

Geese - which you can only see if you enlarge this photo.
Toby and the clothesline.  Boulder our cat used to spend a lot of time in this same spot!
Running and having fun in the new area...which I guess at some point I can stop calling "new"!

The grass is slowly coming back and hopefully soon it will all be green again.

More fun!

Jack Rabbit blends in!