Sunday, November 18, 2012

Welcoming the Lazy Vegan's New Addition!

This will be a brief blog posting this week - didn't get a chance to take many photos or do anything, because we were busy getting ready for the Lazy Vegan's new addition - my mother in law!!!  The foreman's almost 91-year-old mom, Juliana, is moving in with us today! It was sudden news so we had to put everything into high gear to be ready in time. All of the animals know something's up because we rearrangerooms (moved bedrooms, etc.) and the foreman hung a new door and, in general, there was constant movement going on as we hurried to get everything ready.  Stay tuned for next week's blog when I hope to have more news & photos!  In the meantime, here are a few photos and videos I managed to get in this week!
AND an update, several hours later...we had a great little impromptu dinner with Juliana, Judith, Paul & Claire after they all worked so hard packing and moving today - and, by golly, I managed to get some photos! (Imagine that!).  Juliana is a sweetheart and a very witty almost 91 year old - I look forward to our new lives together as we embark on our new adventure here at the Lazy Vegan!
Our "new" bedroom upstairs...I've always liked sleeping upstairs (we did so when we first moved in) - it is like a little treehouse!
 Now that Wasabi is sleeping upstairs with us she's having a blast hopping up and down on the bed!

Oh, what fun...

 The new door the foreman hung this week - it makes Julie's room like a separate apartment with the bathroom included.

 Claire and Paul arrive after a long day of helping move their grandma up from Santa Cruz!
 Having a little dinner...I made a big pot of soup, and it came in handy.
 Karina stopped by earlier in the week to check up on our progress (don't know why these photos got out of order).
 Julie's already a very good sport to be posing for my camera!

 Tomorrow's project is to organize all (or at least some) of Julie's things, which are all stored in one of our cabins.  BIG PROJECT.  There's even her wedding dress!
 Juliana got the seal of approval from the RABBIT!  And that is quite the honor!
 Notice how Wasabi chose her chair to sit under...

 The bunny relaxes by the mother in law!
 Paul shows off his funny "meow" t-shirt.
 Paul with the dogs - the dogs were surprisingly well-behaved but kept trying to get into Julie's bedroom - and that's definitely going to be off limits.  Perhaps Wasabi will be able to visit, though.

The boys check out something in the distance!
Fox Visit!

Miz Wasabi and Toby - I am hoping that everyone is on their best behavior when the foreman's mom arrives!
Checking out the t.v. in the "new" bedroom for the foreman's mom!
Of course Wasabi had to go exploring, too - don't know if she'll be able to hop in for a visit later...

What fun!

I couldn't believe this...while I was taking a bath, the foreman fell asleep and this is what Wasabi did during that unsupervised time...chewed the couch leg!
Three Videos of the Limping (but improving) Buck- I really love this buck!

Once again, the boys checking something out...they have new views in the new pasture area now and can peek into the activity at a neighbor's property!

Wasabi wasn't too sure about all the furniture moving this week...
Our "new" bedroom, upstairs!  Now we get to have slumber (less) parties with the rabbit!  She loves to hop up and down on the bed, especially at 2 a.m.!!!!!
Another view of our former bedroom rearranged (and made better) for the foreman's mom!

The new bed arrives for upstairs...we have thirty days to test it out before we can exchange it for another, and I'm thinking I want one that's more firm (although it seems to suit Wasabi just fine!).
Big changes ahead at the Lazy Vegan.  But none of the animals are too concerned, as long as they get dinner on time!!