Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Stormy Week of Wind & Rain, the Eco-Friendly Ozone Gadget for the Washing Machine & Settling into a New Routine at the Lazy Vegan!

Sunny day after the big storm!  
What a wild week of wind and rain!  We had a series of storms this week with little break in the weather.  Roads flooded, branches fell from trees, the power went out and we thought our awnings were going to rip off their posts from our house!  We all survived, but there were a couple of sleepless nights due to the wind - the awnings are beautiful to look at but ridiculously noisy during a storm!  The poor donkeys were really tired of standing around in the barn - luckily today they had a chance to dry out.  In other news this week, my washing machine was repaired and I had a PureWash ozone cleaner installed...so I never have to use laundry detergent again!  I've done eight loads of laundry with it so far and am very pleased - actually, amazed - by the results.  Check it out at:     http://www.greentechenv.com/    Today marks the two week anniversary of when the foreman's mom moved in with us!  We're all adjusting to our new routines and it is wonderful to have extended family coming around for visits - and the animals continue to be on their best behavior.  We're looking forward to celebrating the upcoming holidays with our new Lazy Vegan resident!!
Getting snuggled by the foreman!

Paco's wet back!

Paco has a bit of the "sniffles", so I am going to keep an eye on him.  I think he got too wet and remained so for too long this week.

There's nothing like a donkey hug!!
Luigi soaks up the sun.
Hanging out with Bravo in the corral.

Not much on the critter cam this week...all the critters were seeking shelter!
Skunk at Night!

Karina came by for a nice long visit with her grandma!
The bun chomps away on hay.

Silly Weegie scratches an itch!
The amazing eco-friendly "pureWash"!

Wasabi is still thoroughly enjoying hopping up on our bed at night.
The foreman reads by flashlight during the power outage!
Julie and I headed to the hairdresser, with the foreman following in his car!

Hanging out with my rabbit one rare sunny morning.
The foreman again...

Invasion of turkeys after the first storm this week.

Poor wet birds!
Bravo being Bravo!
My Favorite Buck Making his Rounds!

Toby and Wasabi just chillin'.

Love the new bench that the foreman put together for upstairs - and I especially love how I can store bedding in it!
Snap came over to visit Julie and go for a nice walk with me...here we're looking at Luigi up on our hill from the lane below!  (Thanks for the homemade applesauce, Snap!!)
The stair landing is the perfect place to store all of Wasabi's "gear" during the day...and then I put it all out in our bedroom at night for her "playground".  Spoiled rabbit!
Just a Cute Deer!