Sunday, December 9, 2012

A Wonderful Sunny Week after the Storms & Happy 91st Birthday to Juliana at the Lazy Vegan!

SUNSHINE!!!  It was so great to have some beautiful and warm days after our week of storms last week, and the donkeys took every opportunity to lounge around and soak up some sun!  The foreman used the clear weather as an excuse to get some outdoor chores done, and I was able to clean up the corral and wash out the donkeys' automatic waterers ...jobs that are much easier to do without a raincoat on!  We're gearing up for the holiday season with our first fake Christmas tree - in past years we've always bought a rosemary bush that we've replanted afterwards.  But the foreman found a very cute tree at Lowe's that is small enough to easily store but big enough to look festive, so now we have a tree to use over and over again each year!  The week ended with a fun celebration for Julie's 91st (wow!) birthday!  We all had some yummy cake and cheers!  
Fun in the sun for the donks!

It is so much fun to snuggle with a sleepy donkey!  Especially a warm one!

Bravo in front of the new fake tree - which looks better when it is lit at night!
More snuggle time with donkeys!

The view across the way one crisp morning.

My new photo program puts the photos a tad out of order on the blog...but no matter!
Weegie waits in the barn - but finally came out for some affection.

The busy foreman.
 Sweet Luigi!
 Working away!

 My Beetle all decked out for the holidays - with antlers and a red nose!
 The door was sticking so the foreman took it off, sanded it down and put it back up.  Complicated!
The hill where many of the critters that appear on my critter cam come down.

Wasabi gives me "the look"!
Two Videos of my Favorite Buck!

Happy 91st birthday to Juliana!!!
Delicious vegan chocolate cake!

Look closely and you'll see the donks out the window...
Posing by the pretty table display.

Snap arranges the flowers!
Visiting Grandma Julie in her room.

Cake time!

Wasabi the party girl!
The donks celebrated, too - but while they were grazing!
Opening gifts - lots of sets of pajamas and robes!!

Note the "dog in training" sign on the door - a JOKE!!

Fun with Claire's hair and a present ribbon.

And fun with Karina's hair!

The girls with their grandma, a.k.a. the birthday girl!

Mama (Snap!) and daughter (me!).
Claire's old glass animal collection was a big hit - I've been storing them for years and gave them back to her!
Wasabi had no problem eating her salad during the party.
Opening up the glass animals, one by one...

Wasabi lounging by Chris!

Claire and a glass fox!
Saying goodbyes in the driveway!

Karina eating one of the strawberry guavas from our tree...
Bravo sits by the birthday girl - along with Wasabi!
Amazing flowers from Claire & Judith for the 91 year old!

Time to make a wish!

OMG - WILDlife on the critter cam!

Our first Christmas card arrived in the mail...addressed to the rabbit!!

Bravo got hold of my Christmas tree topper, a pretty little cardinal...now no longer!
Yes, I know...he even looks PROUD of his handiwork!
Bobcat stops to listen! (Wish the camera had been better placed...)

Beautiful Luigi at dusk.

Paco and I really do look alike sometimes!
Wasabi samples the card from her rabbit friends!

Fun in the living room!

My favorite, below...the dramatic roll over!!!

Why a bunny will do this is beyond me...Wasabi seems to do it when she's happy - this is one content rabbit!

Young Buck - Two Videos!

Scenes from last week's storm...flooded creek outside the kitchen window.

The donkeys are pretty happy to be high above the water!

Fat Raccoon!