Sunday, December 16, 2012

Brisk December Days, Lots of Fox & Raccoon Traffic on the Critter Cam and CONGRATULATIONS to the New College Graduate at the Lazy Vegan!!

Taken with my iPhone on an early morning walk!
Frosty mornings and chilly evenings this week at the Lazy Vegan!  Even a thin layer of ice on the donkeys' fencing - which means that the temperatures had really dropped.  But we keep everything nice and toasty indoors, especially since we now have a 91-year-old living with us!  Juliana has been great company - she has a wonderful sense of humor and we're enjoying hanging out with her! And in other news, a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Claire - who graduated from college this week with a degree in Environmental Education!!!
 This is one very enthusiastic salad eater!
Vegan "egg" salad appetizers!

 Getting the table decorated for a little dinner celebration for Claire!
 Wasabi loves parties!

 Celebration time!

 Chowing down on my homemade soup and my garlic kale salad!

 The college grad checks out a card!

 I like taking photos from all angles of the house...obviously!
 "The Lorax" from Grandma Snap - a perfect book for an Environmental Education graduate!

 Posing, and more posing...

 Nick and Grandma Julie & Karina share a laugh!
 Party rabbit!

Congrats again to Miz Claire!
That's frost on the roof - after first wiping down the window!

Playing in the living room one morning.

This is usually how early the donkeys get fed breakfast...when it is still dark!!!
Oh, silly rabbit - this is an expression Wasabi sometimes makes after doing a binky!

Hanging out with grouchy Bravo.

Hopping to it!
The weekly pose with Paco.

Go old dog, go!
More of the weekly pose!
Rainy day donkeys!

Hanging out in the barn, staying dry...

Four Fun Raccoon Videos - Check them out - one has a very up & close photo of a raccoon checking out the camera!

 Taken with my iPhone on another early morning walk!

First Christmas party of the season!  Headed back home, with a pit stop for gas wearing our finest!

Such dweebs.  I should have had our photo taken with our party outfits on - including my vintage velvet coat that I've had for at least fifteen years!
My vintage-looking purse from Target!

Four Videos of a Fox!

Cucumber salad with pomegranates and other good stuff.

Northern beans with fennel and celery and kale.
Homemade pizzas (well, except for the cornbread crust, which I bought) ready to go into the oven!

Spectacular sunset one evening!
Explorer bun!

Snuggle time!  Wasabi loves this new arrangement with our bedroom upstairs!
Chowing down.
Amazing mushroom on the path on the way to the critter cam!

The dogs soak up some sun on a rare warmish day.
Karina stopped by to see us at the office this week!

Busy on the phone!

From my backseat view...headed with Julie to the doctor one day!
 I was so happy to be able to visit the young man I used to mentor at the Humane Society this past week - I sure do miss that place (and him!).
 He took this photo of me outside the barn.
 Newly rescued sheep - it was their first day there!
I got to say hi to the farm animals.  I hope to get back to volunteering there some day when time allows...