Sunday, December 23, 2012

Rain, Lightning, Thunder, Hail, Flooded Roadways and Other Absolutely Riveting Things in the Days Before Christmas at the Lazy Vegan!!

Here's one bunny who never has to worry about getting wet out in the rain!!
WHOA - the storms kept on coming this week!  It rained a lot more than I think was predicted, along with one particularly loud stormy night (Wasabi is not a fan and showed her displeasure by thumping!) and even a hailstorm!  The roads flooded in the usual areas, making it nearly impossible for me to leave town in my Beetle (I went through a pretty deep section of water and saw people pointing and appearing to be laughing at me, and then I remembered that I had antlers and a big red nose on my Beetle - I'm sure that made it look even more ridiculous trying to "swim" through the flood waters!).  We're all set for the upcoming holiday here at the Lazy Vegan, especially since the foreman, hero of the week, went out and purchased a brand new top of the line Jenn Air dishwasher to replace the old one that broke this past week...and he installed it, too!  (Great news, since nobody was available to install it till after Christmas!).  
I saw this cute decorated tractor on my walk one day.
The foreman installs the dishwasher, with Bravo's help!

Toby patiently waits at the front door.

Great clouds this week!

 Colorful veggies in coconut milk with rice and peanut sauce for dinner one night!
 Poor donkeys are getting pretty tired of the rain.

 The weekly pose with Paco - rain or shine!

 Flood waters below us.
 More awesome clouds.
 The foreman, hero of the week as previously mentioned, cleaning the stove.  OMG!!  Cleaning the stove!  He cleaned, in fact, the entire kitchen!  And this on top of installing a brand new incredible dishwasher!  So he's pretty pleased with himself...(and I'm happy, too).
 View of flood waters left and right.
 Red-shouldered hawk dries off.
 A new storm brewing!

 Wasabi and Toby!

With silly Bravo.

Toby waits to be let in!
Thankfully the donkeys had some chances to dry off between storms.

The new dishwasher!  All the controls are inside - so the outside is just, well, sleek!
The usual suspects in the living room.
Coming home from a walk to a faint rainbow.

Paco takes a nap while Weegie grazes!

Bravo is thrilled these days to have permission to go upstairs during the day (at night it is off limits, since the bunny sleeps up there with us!).

The above photo is actually of hail, even though it looks like rain!
Julie's breakfast, all set to go!

Our One-Eyed Raccoon!

Egret by the flood waters.

Poor muddy Luigi!!
Super dry bunny...
And another wet donkey!
The pampered pup on another day, same spot.
There's nothing like rubbing noses with a donkey!

The new dishwasher, all wrapped in plastic.
Supervisors in the kitchen!

Oh, how much fun can a bun have?
A library book could be great for chewing!

Settling in for the night.

Rearranging her own bed blankets!
Amazing morning before the storms.

Spending quality time with the donkeys.  It is hard to believe that last year at this time, Paco was still very ill.

Nothing beats a warm pile of clean laundry fresh from the dryer!
The boys head off into the woods...attached to long leashes!!
Young Buck Notices Camera!

More bedtime fun for a bun!

Another "weekly pose"...with high winds!
Couch potatoes!
 Thank you to my cousin Jennie for this unexpected and beautiful gift of a much-needed cutting board!  For some odd reason I'd been using my counter top to cut veggies, etc. for a few years now...ever since one of the "kids" took off with my old board!  This one is the perfect size and it does make a difference cutting on wood v.s. a counter top!
Everyone hanging out in the living room.

Grooming time!

Night Jack!