Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Foreman's Huge Tree Trimming Job & Getting Ready for a Brand New Year at the Lazy Vegan!

The weekly pose with Paco!
In the days since Christmas we've been busy around the Lazy Vegan getting ready for the new year - I've been cleaning like crazy, and the foreman took on a daunting & dangerous (definitely risky!) job of trimming huge oak branches.  Once he gets going with the chainsaw he's hard to stop! It was really a necessary job - we would always move our cars during big storms in case a branch broke off and now we don't have to do that.  Plus, there's the added benefit of firewood once the wood seasons!  Slow critter cam activity this week - but be sure to check out the adorable skunk below - our best skunk sighting yet!  HAPPY 2013 to all - we have no new year's eve plans as of yet...I may sneak down to the barn at midnight to see if the donkeys talk - just like on Christmas Eve.!
Busy Skunk!

Reaching for some bay leaves!

Photos I missed putting on my Christmas blog - Bravo checks out a gift from his grandma Snap, above...and a photo a co-worker snapped of the us at our company party!

Beautiful weather this week after a rainy Christmas Day.
Wasabi with some new Christmas toys!

Bravo in his new favorite daytime spot - he's only allowed upstairs when I'm putting away laundry or whatever.  He loves it!

Stepping out!

The turkeys are back!

Why you can never leave food by the computer...
Play time!

Snuggle time!
Lounging time!
Wasabi doing little binkies!

The foreman's massive tree trimming job...

When a branch would drop, it shook the house!

The donkeys spend a lot of time grooming one another.
Love the vultures!

Saturday relaxation time.

That One-Eyed Raccoon Again

The Foreman's Big Tree Trimming Job Video!

Wow...more sky light!

The dogs thought it was all great fun...but they were indoors when the branches were falling!

Well, you get the idea...tons of wood everywhere...

Evening play time...and nap time for Bravo.

The foreman's tree trimming position - hang on to the main trunk of the tree and cut away!

On my walk one morning.  Actually, two mornings!