Sunday, January 27, 2013

Busy Week for the Humans and Animals at the Lazy Vegan!

It was a very busy week at the Lazy Vegan - the humans were dealing with a new listing  while the domestic (spoiled) animals were busy playing and eating and the wild (not so spoiled) animals were making their rounds - including a very busy fox who decided to stop mid-trail to do his biz while the critter cam recorded the event!  The foreman has started to join me on at least part of my "power walks" in the morning, during which time we always stop to say hi to the Nigerian Dwarf goats.  The foreman is guilty of actually naming the duo (one day when they popped their heads out of their little house he said:  "Hi, Poncho!  Hi, Sancho!").  Of course, we all know the danger of actually giving a fellow critter a name...and even if we hadn't, we are already becoming quite fond of the little guys!  So who knows what will happen...I do have an emergency back up plan if we suddenly need to take them on the spot! Not many photos this week- I was too busy to snap away like I usually do!
 That's Sancho, above...giving me "the goat eye".
Mama and baby...the baby is getting big!

 I found out that the sheep dog has a name - she's (a she, and not a he!) Tara!

 Claire came for a visit!

 Wasabi having fun.

 Busy grooming her "baby"!

The Baby Turkeys Grew Up!

On a morning walk!

I am also quite attached to the mama sheep.

OMG!  A Little Fox Doing his "Biz"!

The foreman playing "peek a boo" with the rabbit!

 The weekly pose!

Coyote Saunters Uphill!