Sunday, January 13, 2013

Coyotes, Sheep, a Poor Little Lamb, Two Adorable Goats and one of the Cutest Critter Cam Videos Ever at the Lazy Vegan!!

Toby in the sun's rays!

It was a week filled with various animal activity here at the Lazy Vegan...from critter cam sightings to the recently arrived Nigerian Dwarf goats up the road and a newborn lamb with a bad limp!  I may have mentioned on last week's posting that there's always a bit of drama that goes on when the sheep are "run" each year on a neighbor's land.  Since nobody lives there to keep an eye out on the sheep, a sheep dog was enlisted to protect and herd the flock.  The only problem was that this particular dog had apparently been raised herding goats, not sheep - and he kept running away from his sheep duties.  I found out from a neighbor that he had, in fact, run off to several properties away where he found some goats to herd!!  So two goats (adorable Nigerian Dwarf goats) were dropped off to keep the dog company while he tended to the sheep...although from all observations, the dogs was simply more interested in napping next to the two goats then following the flock around!  Anyway, I get to see all of this unfold on my daily walks and get filled in with back story from neighbors I run into.  The current situation that has me a bit upset is that the newborn lamb has a bad limp.  She or he has been put into a smaller enclosure with his/her mom, and now the goats are on the other side of the pasture, away from the dog but within sight.  The last time I went by, the dog was frantically digging to get under the fence to the goats, and the mama sheep was bleating non-stop...and none of the animals appear to have any water (their bowls are all dried up!).  I wish this non-local sheep herder was a more responsible person - if there's no water by tomorrow I'll have to  call Animal Control or go put some out there myself!
Aside from the sheep-goat-dog excitement, there have been several coyote sightings this week and one of the cutest videos ever on the critter cam - of a deer meeting up with a jack rabbit!  
Ever since Thursday morning I've been fighting getting sick - woke up then feeling super fatigued. Was hyper aware of the flu going around, but luckily feeling wiped out is my only symptom! Was really bummed to make the decision to miss my nephew Aaron's performance in Napa last night...will have to wait for the next one!  
Congrats, Aaron - I still remember you singing Elton John songs when you were five!

Tomorrow marks the 9 year anniversary of my brother's death...so hard to believe it has been that long.  Am looking forward to the day when we all meet again...we love you, Dan!
Dan dressed as an Indian - one of the things I really love about this photo is that I never saw it until after he died and my aunt Barbara sent it to me...it is so great to find "new" photos of him!

THREE coyote videos!

Playing around!
Avid hay muncher!

The foreman and his morning coffee.

Twice this week Toby has given Wasabi a little lick on her head!
The weekly pose!
 My favorite photo of the week!  Mama with baby!

You can see the goats in the background.
Poor Little Lamb Video

I hope this little lamb gets some attention for the bum leg soon!
Paco tries on my hat!
Ah, sunshine in the corral.

Seeking some healing energy from a warm donkey!
Love the donkey shadows!

Squirrel Being a Piggie!

A VERY relaxed bun.

I've been totally into roasting veggies lately.  Above, brussel sprouts, squash and cauliflower head into the oven.

Evening play time!
One of the Cutest Videos Captured by the Critter Cam - and the first encounter of different species with one another caught on film!

The Nigerian Dwarf goats...so cute and friendly.  They let me pet them this morning.  I sure hope they aren't going to slaughter. I know the lambs are.

More donkey playtime!

Wasabi's "disapproving" look!
Thanks again to my stepmom and dad for sending this awesome Notre Dame shirt...we had fun trying it on and then watching at least some of the game!!

ANOTHER weekly pose!
Napping pups.

More Notre Dame cheering...

The game meal:  beans & rice with salsa and guacamole & a nifty cucumber salad!

The sheep and goats...

Wasabi on the move with Toby.

Upstairs at bedtime - so much fun to have a bunny in the room!
Bravo takes over the bedroom during the day to nap!
Cold foggy morning view from the bedroom window.
Wasabi getting her bedtime drink!

The usual routine in the living room...so used to the sight of dogs with a rabbit now...

The beautiful pine tree that the foreman keeps talking about maybe trimming!
Take a good look at Paco...I do believe that it is finally becoming apparent that the donkeys are losing some of their extra fat!  Woo hoo! The diet is working!  Less hay and no more carrots combined with more room (from the new area we fenced in) to run in was key...

Weegie looks thinner, too.

Sunset lights up pond across the way.
Old Toby getting around!

My new running shoes!  About once a year I have to get a new pair.  Love the color of these - won't show the dirt as much! Also love Asics, because they are vegan (at least the running shoes are)!

You can barely make out Toby on the front terrace!