Sunday, January 20, 2013

Super Cute and Funny Raccoon Trio on the Critter Cam, Playful Donkeys, Silly Rabbit and More at the Lazy Vegan!

Paco bucks!
Another week has come and gone...and this one had a lot of raccoon activity on the critter cam!  A really funny little trio investigated the camera up close.  For those of you who can't view the videos on this page, you can always go to the link below (or copy & paste if link does not work) to see the "Lazy Vegan Critter Cam" YouTube channel to see all the videos:


Nothing else terribly new to report this week - we've had very happy & playful donkeys (see photos!) and all's well with all the other critters.  I continue to see the Nigerian Dwarf goats daily on my walks but they're too far off the road now to pet or talk to...bummer.  Definitely want to keep an eye on the little guys to make sure they don't end up as dinner when they're done with their current "job"!!
Racing around!

 The nightly routine - later, after we spend dinner & t.v. time with Julie.

 OMG - I love it when the donkeys are intent on looking at something.  They'll hold a pose like this forever!

 "Beano" (one of her many nicknames) waits for dinner.

 Bravo helps me clean out the corral.  He helps by looking worried!
The weekly pose, of course!

 Weegie stands alone.
 The ridiculous trio.

 How I calm and relax myself:  spend time in the pasture with the donkeys!  Here I'm sitting on one of their overturned buckets.  Within minutes they'll come over for hugs and pets.  LOVE the donkeys.  Best therapy in the world!!

 Wasabi's post-dinner nap.
 Met Snap for coffee in Forestville - woo hoo!  Fun to sit and chat and, of course, take a photo (which we texted to Patty).

Queen of the kitchen!

Heading up the hill to put up my critter cam, I came upon this beautiful deer.
 Fun in the sun with the donkeys!

 Only I will notice this, but Paco's donkey behind is SMALLER!  The diet is working!

 Sweet old Toby.
 And obnoxious Bravo - this photo was taken after he had ran off and we spent a long time calling him...at least he eventually returns!

 My Peta shirt:  Only Bullies Wear Bunnies!  (Obviously anti rabbit fur!!).
 Toby is such an awkward fella to hold.

 Neon weekly pose!


Life's hard.
Dog kisses bunny.

More fun time!
ICE in the fountain - has been VERY cold this week!
I think this rabbit needs a job...

The foreman is also the garbage man!

The rabbit relaxes in Julie's room one evening!
All tuckered out from doing nothing all day.
Wasabi never has, in my opinion, a bad pose.

Playful donkeys!

Frosty morning.
Uphill Fox

Silly Wasabi!
Silly Jack Rabbit!

Oh, how I love this little lamb...bravely hobbling around on a bum leg (which, I found out, was due to the sheep dog playing too roughly with her!).

The sheep dog with some of his "charges"!