Sunday, January 6, 2013

Welcome to 2013 at the Lazy Vegan!

HAPPY 2013!!  We like the sound of 2013 here at the Lazy Vegan...plus, it has two of our "lucky numbers" - so we all feel confident that it will be a good year ahead!  We had a low-key New Year's Eve.  I spent the afternoon having a fun walk with Snap (and special coffee drinks afterwards - woo hoo!) and then rang in the new year with Randy, Julie, the dogs, rabbit and donkeys...we managed to all stay up till 9 p.m. to see the new year unfold in NYC on t.v.!  We've been busy this week getting ready for the new year with more wood work (see photos below - note the meticulous stacking job done by the foreman - lots of warm cozy nights with a fire in our future!) and a general cleaning up of the house and property.  I took three ticks off of Toby & Paco - Paco had one lodged right above his eyelid and I was pretty sure I was going to have to call a vet out to deal with it - but after spending a long time brushing him and talking to him, I was able to get those tweezers near his delicate eye area just long enough to pull it out!  Nothing like tick removal...lots of daily fun around here! Not much on the critter cam this week - too rainy - and perhaps the critters were elsewhere, celebrating the new year!
Proudly posing in front of the new wood pile.

 The foreman salutes the new year with a fresh hot cup of instant coffee!

My old little Toby - I fear this could be his last year.  

Young & Curious Deer

Cheers!  Outside the cafe with Snap.
Nice red door.
Snap's special New Year's Eve mocha!

Snap's "bouquet" of lichen on a twig!
We had fun chatting it up while drinking our special coffee drinks!
The sheep are back!  Once a year a man who lives elsewhere "runs sheep" on a neighbor's property up our road.  This time he had a very well-trained sheep dog out herding and protecting the flock!

 The dog definitely was doing his job - I couldn't get too close to snap a photo.

 A newborn lamb right by mama!

The sheep huddled together one cold morning.
Donkey affection time!

Bravo on the wood pile.

New Year's Day horses across the way.

Running around with the dogs!
Napping with the dogs!

Claire came over for dinner this week.  We all had a cozy time in Julie's room!

We also had fun bringing out old stuffed animals - that's Claire's old Spotty on the left, below - and, of course, my beloved Snappy!

More fun with the dogs!

Time for the farrier again!  The boys really don't care at all for it but they do need to get trimmed!

It was a freezing morning but the sun came out by the time the farrier was almost done.

Hard to believe there was a time when the foreman would not smile for a photo!
That's frost on the ground - bbbrrrrrrr....
OH!  MY!! GOD!!!  A few days after the sheep arrived, I drove by just in time to see these two goats being   dropped off.  I'm worried about them - they aren't running with the sheep so the dog can't protect them.  I'm going to keep checking up on them.  Heck, if they need a home, we have room...
I was happy to see they at least had shelter.  I had to make a stink last year to get shelter for two sheep left behind.

Coming home after a walk.

My sweet and noble Luigi!

The canine duo.

Luigi just isn't into posing for photos with me!
Bravo in his favorite napping spot.

The weekly pose with Paco!

Some flowers I picked from our yard with my magic frog on the bathroom windowsill - and you can barely make out the donkeys in the view!

Wasabi standing up!