Sunday, February 17, 2013

Happy 6th Birthday to Paco, Happy Valentine's Day and Enjoying Beautiful Warm Days at the Lazy Vegan!

Amazing weather this week at the Lazy Vegan!  The days have been so warm that one would think it was April rather than February.  Julie is taking advantage of the warmth and has a new routine on her own private bedroom terrace - the foreman put out benches and chairs and she can follow the sun as it progresses and admire her view!  She's also getting out for daily walks and loves that, too.  I'm pretty impressed with her mobility and spirit!  And in other news, Paco turned six this week - on Valentine's Day!!  I still remember seeing that precious donkey when he was only two days old.  SOOOOO cute it almost made my heart stop.  I love both of the donkeys equally, of course - but admit I have a special bond with Paco - after all, he puts up with the "weekly pose"! Still figuring out the glitches with our new computers and while I love them, I have to give Windows 8 just a "B-" ...certain aspects of the program are just too complicated, and I am still having trouble with my photo programs meshing...still unable to upload videos taken on my camera (besides the critter cam)...so stay tuned for some cute donkey and dog and bunny videos as soon as I figure it all out!
OMG!  The foreman surprised me with this Valentine's Day necklace!
One of the Shutterfly Valentine cards I made this year.
While I got the beautiful necklace for Valentine's Day, the foreman got his very own big container of vitamin C and his favorite flavored toothpicks...woo-hoo!

Raccoon Videos!

 Miz Wasabi soaks up some sun while resting in her Cottontail Cottage.
We watched our first movie on my laptop in total relaxation ...with a bag of popcorn nearby!  We saw "Skyfall".  Kind of fun in that campy Bond way.

 The weekly pose with the birthday boy!!
 I am so blessed to have the donkeys in my life.  I never take them for granted.  I really enjoy their company and they make me smile every day!
 Flowers for my boys!
 Paco's figured out how to get a good butt scratch on the fencing.

Julie enjoying the last bit of sun on the far end of her terrace!
Super happy bunny.
With Toby!
He likes a head massage now and then.
Big hug from Claire!

Being goofy in the kitchen.  It was great to have Claire come over for dinner last week.

In Julie's room...these photos got out of order.  Blame my new computer program!!
Birthday party time!  Paco sniffs his vegan donut.  YUM!!

Good to the last crumb!

Wasabi visiting in Julie's room one evening.
Relaxed Morning Deer!

The foreman took the boys out for a walk...much to Julie's delight!!

Not everyone has donkey visitors right off of their bedroom!

Luigi and Paco were very well behaved!
Giant Jack Rabbit

Deer trio.
The foreman headed off to play some tennis...something he doesn't get to do much of these days.

Special little Toby.

Wasabi always gets very active in the evenings while the dogs nap!
I may have posted this before; can't remember...here's my cozy desk spot!
Gotta love the mobility of a laptop!!

Kisses from Bravo!
These three also make me smile EVERY day!

I love where the foreman put my desk!

Nap time by the fire.
Just the tail of a fox!