Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Visit from a Skunk, the Foreman's Big Fire, New Glasses (with a glitch) and a THIRD (GASP!) Critter Cam at the Lazy Vegan!

The rabbit disapproves of the fact that dinner will be late...

The first week of March just flew by!  We started the week off with the foreman tackling the huge pile of tree branches and debris that has been waiting to be burned for almost two years now.  It made for a very impressive bonfire that then luckily burned quickly and without too much alarm.  We have a burn permit to do this, and the foreman has to call in and "register" his burn...and he's very careful.  But, still, it is pretty impressive to see such huge flames just yards from the house!  We also had a visit from a skunk (who thankfully did not leave his/her mark!) - the closest I've ever seen a skunk for a such a long period of time.  I was able to snap away with my zoom lens from the safety of the enclosed deck!  
    Yes, it is true...I now own three critter cams.  But really only two are dependable - the second critter cam I got for my birthday has never worked right and sometimes doesn't film at all.  Amazon sent me a replacement camera!  Woo hoo!  Very happy about that - and now I have lots of plans for my three cameras.  And, lastly, not to completely bore the blog reader, but an update on my new glasses is in order.  As the loyal Lazy Vegan follower knows, I had ordered red glasses that I hated and returned for a pair of hip tortoise shell Coach glasses that arrived and seemed great until I discovered a day later that they had NOT put all the bells & whistles that I paid for on them...mainly the anti-reflective coating and the sanding down of my very thick prescription.  I should have noticed both of theses things right off that bat, but, hey, I'm rather blind!  To make a long and dull story short, I returned them (yes, that's correct; I returned not one but two pairs of glasses to Lenscrafters - that's why I went there to begin with - for that option!) and am going to order the same pair from my regular eye doctor at probably a steeper price - but at least I know they'll be done correctly!
The weekly pose!
The first few days of March came with a little bit of rain, so the donkeys had to dine under shelter.

Weegie and deaf Toby.
Private concert time!

My glasses (that I no longer have).  Kind of nerdy, but I liked them...except for the flaws.
One of the flaws, above...they forgot to add the anti-reflective coating!  That's why you can't see my eyes!
Compared to my old pair (from my own doctor) with the coating.  Big difference.

Goats, goats, goats!  Got to see all the goats up really close on my walk one morning.


Not one, not two...but THREE critter cams!
Wasabi LOVES hopping up on the bed lately!

Too much fun.

It was really fun to see Patty & Scott (and Snap!!) - they came down to attend a memorial for an old family member (don't want to use the name since I didn't run it by the relatives...but this was someone from my early childhood days).  Snap had one of her wonderful and healthy lunches first at her house.


The format of the service (of sorts) was really a great one.  The woman who passed was an artist and everyone who came got to leave with a painting!

So it really looked like we were all leaving an art sale or show instead of a celebration of life...

Scott carries Snap's choice, above (actually, she took a smaller one, too!).

I picked one with an animal, of course.
Bravo and Wasabi hanging out!

The bun in front of the t.v. - we were watching an animal show!
Claire came to visit!

Dinner in Julie's room with the rabbit!

Kiss from Paco!

More private concert time!

Wasabi having too much fun again at bedtime.
I wasn't supposed to post these...shhhhhh.....
Super Curious Raccoon!

Raccoon Checks out Camera!

Raccoon Declines to be Filmed!

The foreman's big burn day!
Yep, that's the house...fortunately NOT in flames!

Lounging time.

Wasabi and the Stairs! (CUTE)
Super Close-up of a Jack Rabbit!

Really into roasting brussel sprouts lately!

Sweet Luigi!
Playtime above and nap time, below...Toby loves to come snuggle by me when I'm down saying hi to the bunny!

Some deer friends come by to say hi to the donks.
The visiting skunk!!!

Pop up!