Sunday, March 3, 2013

"Blossoms & Burros", a New Manure Shovel and Welcoming the Month of March at the Lazy Vegan!

Wasabi lounges in Julie's room while getting constant attention from the foreman!
MARCH has arrived!  So far it has been a beautiful month...sunshine with just the perfect amount of a breeze.  Julie, who is rapidly becoming the Lazy Vegan's faithful sun worshipper  and admirer of the outdoors, remarked how wonderful it was to be among the "blossoms and the burros" (Paco and Luigi, of course!) the other day.  And she's right!  It is a pretty spectacular spot we have and I never get tired of it.  Very exciting news this week...I bought a new manure shovel to replace the one I've been using for the past six years - which suddenly broke the other day.  I can't be a day without the thing - I shovel manure every day!! And, even more exciting...I'm getting a replacement critter cam from Amazon because the second camera I recently got for my birthday has never worked right.  I'm very happy about that because Spring is critter time at the Lazy Vegan and I don't want to miss out on some video opportunities!
Out with the old shovel and in with the new...

After I had cleaned out the barn with the new shovel, the boys wasted no time on getting on in there to mark their spots again...Paco was particular pleased with his efforts!
Peeing in the same spots where I had cleaned!

Weegie thinks it is a great joke!  On ME!

Super silly Luigi.
Two bobcat videos!

Beets ready to be roasted!
The foreman plays for the boys!

My stepsister Jackie had the novel (no pun intended) idea of starting a family book club!  This will force me to try to find time to read.  Our first book is "Life of Pi".  Here I am reading to the donkeys...
Paco's wondering where the photos are!

The donkeys love a personal concert!

 My photos keep getting out of order...Patty text me these adorable photos of Kahlua...she's dogsitting!

Quality time with the donkeys on a cloudy day.

Luigi always positions himself for a good butt scratch!!

The foreman attempts to ride Paco.  He tries this every so often.  So far, no success!

Julie admiring the view and the blossoms and the burros!!

With Toby!


Slowly getting our cabin spiffed up.  Many of the paintings were done by the foreman's grandfather.
The foreman's large salad on the left next to the smaller dinner salads for Julie and I...plus our regular dinner. (The foreman always eats a huge amount of salad on top of whatever else we are eating!).

Happy at the office...because we closed our big escrow!

A new baby lamb!

Wasabi gettng started on "The Life of Pi"!

Hopping around while the terriers nap!

Luigi next to the blossoming tree.

Everyone lounging!

The weekly pose!

While the foreman was gone in Santa Cruz renting out Julie's house, Julie and I decided to have breakfast for dinner...yum!  It was still pretty darn healthy - buckwheat pancakes, vegan sausage and fruit.
Cute squirrel!

The bun!

OMG, score time...I got a complete "professional" wardrobe (even though I have a lot of clothes, I never seem to have anything that is considered business-like) at the Banana Republic outlet for such a good deal - a blazer, two pairs of slacks, two blouses and a dress for under $150.00!!  Not exactly my thrift store prices, but just a fraction of what they would have gone for if they hadn't been on sale.
I love this face.
Having lunch out on the terrace!

Lunch on another day.
Coffee with Snap!  Actually, tea for Snap and a soy hot chocolate for me...yum.

The evening laptop routine...I love being able to move it around and Wasabi loves to flop at my feet!