Sunday, March 17, 2013

Goat and Lamb Drama, the Return of Mower Man, Happy 20th Birthday to Aaron and Happy St. Patrick's Day at the Lazy Vegan!

 As the long time blog reader will remember, the return of Mower Man always signifies the beginning of Spring here at the Lazy Vegan!   The grass was getting long and Mower Man had to do some fine tuning to the mower to get it up and running again, and now as I type this I can hear him mowing away!  It was a bit of an odd week with some daily drama on my early morning walks.  On Monday I walked by the sheep & goat pasture to find one of the larger goats had his head stuck (his horns made it get stuck) in the fence.  I was just texting the sheep herder guy about it when suddenly I saw the county animal control truck drive by - perfect timing!  I waved down the driver, who said he was on his way to respond to a call about a skunk.  I recognized him from dealing with  other animal related issues in the past.  At any rate, it was wonderful because he was able to get inside the enclosure and free the goat after a bit of a struggle (I realized afterwards that I should have filmed this on the sly!  It was cute the way the animal control officer talked to the goat while the sheep dog looked on!).  SO...with that bit of drama over I finished my text to the sheep herder (who happened to break his leg recently and hasn't been able to tend to the sheep or goats).  He thanked me for dealing with it, and all was well.  Till the next morning, when I walked by the same area to find three baby lambs, five adult sheep and the sheep dog all stuck in a small enclosure within the pasture.  I knew that the dog wasn't usually allowed in such tight quarters with the babies because she can be too rough with them.  So I was pretty horrified to see her picking up the tiniest lamb (looked like it had been born that previous day) with her mouth and kind of flinging her to the side, over and over again.  I immediately fired off a text to the sheep guy who immediately responded, very upset because the dog was not allowed in there.  I'll spare the blog reader with the long details of what followed...but, sadly, the newborn lamb did not make it.  The sheep herder guy and I get along fine, but I still think that people running sheep should have to stay with their flock or at least live where they can bop by and keep an eye on things!!!!  It is sad that the baby didn't make it.  And even sadder that those beautiful babies are destined for somebody's Easter dinner.
LOTS of critter cam activity this week...including my favorite bobcat!!
Mower Man Returns!
Wasabi listens to her private concert!

The late evening routine!
Pictured in center, above ...many years ago!  Aaron has the cool distinction of having been born on St. Patrick's Day!!
The tiny lamb who didn't make it.
The dog stuck in with the sheep.
The county animal control officer who got into the enclosure and freed the stuck goat!!
Stuck goat!!!!! Poor thing had probably been there all night.  I love how the sheep dog stayed at his side.


The bun awaits her salad.
Reading about the new pope!

Our messy hang out routine.

Turkey putting on a display!

Turks in hurry!


It was that time again - a visit from the farrier!  The boys both were ill-behaved this time.  Luigi in particular did a lot of rearing up, etc.  So when this first photo was snapped, above, the foreman thought he would be able to enjoy a cup of coffee while he assisted...that idea was quickly abandoned!

That's 350 pounds or so of pure donkey muscle fighting these two men!  Afterwards, Luigi's lead rope had been pulled so tight on the metal ring off of the barn that we had to cut it off.
Hoof trimmings!
Happy donkeys with neatly trimmed hooves!

Silly rabbit!
A good book and a cute rabbit!

Wasabi tries out a new room - the fireplace den.  She wasn't all that happy with it.
Two Bobcat Videos!!

Comical visiting deer!

The weekly pose!

Young jack rabbit.

The foreman discusses things with Luigi, who at first did not want anything to do with this holiday photo shoot!

Photos snapped while Julie and I sat on the front terrace at lunch!
Brief visit from a fox!

More lambs...and thankfully no drama this time.

Silly St. Patrick's Day grin from Paco!
Morning coffee time with the donkeys!

Just a tiny sip...