Sunday, March 31, 2013

HOPPY Easter!!!!

HAPPY EASTER!!  Make that a HOPPY Easter!!  Which ended up being a very low-key affair this year - as I type this we're actually in the midst of a thunderstorm, and the poor donkeys are looking rather forlorn as they peek out of their little barn (I didn't have the heart to put fake rabbit ears on them this year - not even for a photo op!).  But it was a fun week visiting with the Tomashefskys and my mama (otherwise known as Snap) out at the beach house!  Lots of photos of the crew on the blog this week!
Wasabi never really knows what to make of these silly plastic eggs...

Yes, this IS an egg hunt!

Lounging upstairs.

Bravo's wild eye!
Bun on bed!

Bun off!
Fluffy Tailed Skunk!

GET OUT OF TOWN...vegan cheese popcorn that tastes amazing!!!!

At the office with a sandwich and the new popcorn!
Beach house photos!

Back home with my zoo crew.

Love the card my aunt Barbara sent - used it as decoration above my desk!

The weekly photo - Paco has one huge snout!
Bravo shows off his new orange collar...better to see him with!

More Bodega Bay photos...the setting for these are at the Tides Restaurant.

Aaron and his girlfriend Mo - love her!
The crew visits the Lazy Vegan!

Turkey photos courtesy of Snap!  She had a wild turkey encounter at Bodega Bay...it attacked her car!

Snap's moon photo and cute pic of Aaron and Mo, below.
Two Funny Squawking Squirrels

Really into roasting veggies lately.
Fun and games in the evening!

At the Humane Society...the Tomashefsky crew came to just look at the dogs...
Bunny room, above!

They could have adopted this cute JRT...but, alas, he was already taken!

I just love these photos of Scott, the vase and the view!

More posing at the beach house...


 Is that DAD at the window??
Dad AND Deb, saying hi to Aaron and Mo!

With Scott!
WHOA!  Is that Deb making coffee??

Wait a minute...Dad and Deb visited, too!!

With Karina.
Deb and Dad working on the puzzle!
I call these the "echium plant series"...

Working on Dad and Deb's photos!
Anth kicks back.

Early birthday celebration time for Patty!

Just another beautiful sunset.

 Woody Woodpecker!  The foreman gets the credit for these awesome bird photos!
Inspector Raccoon!