Sunday, March 24, 2013

Twin Newborn Lambs, Two Old Sheep, Critters Avoiding the Critter Cam and Other Grand Stories at the Lazy Vegan!

OH, MY God...I rounded the corner on my morning power walk/jog to discover that twin lambs had been born just the night before!  So, so adorable.  It seems like lambs are being born every day now at the big sheep operation up our road.  They're delightful to watch and I hope that their short time on Earth gives them some joy.  Honestly, I just cannot see how anyone can even think of eating such magical little creatures!  It has been kind of a sheepish week here at the Lazy Vegan...LITERALLY.  At our new real estate listing there are two old sheep who will need a new home if the new owners don't agree to keep them.  They're thirteen years old and have lived on that property their whole lives - so it would be ideal if they could stay there.  Otherwise, maybe I can convince the foreman - who is a total softie- that we need to take them in.  They were a huge source of entertainment at our open house today!  Not too many critter cam films this week - I think that the animals are starting to avoid the cameras, so this week I am going to experiment by putting the cameras out and leaving them there all week, unlike my usual routine of retrieving them daily.  I think I am putting too much of my human scent up there in the wild and the animals don't like it!
One tiny lamb says hi to a big goat!
Twins getting milk from their mama!

Proud mama.  She was still licking the newborns clean when I first saw them.
Just the usual private concert time for the animals...

More cuteness!
More Possum!

Bravo's favorite afternoon nap spot.
The trio hanging out.

 Pretty flowers on my hike up the hill to put out the critter cams!

 That's one of my three cameras strapped to a little tree deep in the woods!
 How lucky am I to have a bunny stretched out beside me while I work on the computer...and she's in her relaxed "super hero" pose!!

Oh, Turkey!

 The beautiful old sheep at our listing...that's "Dobby", above...and "Black Flower", below...

 Back at home, the foreman tells the boys about the big old sheep.

 And then I had him move the heavy rubber stall mat back into the barn.  The donkeys had some how managed to move it out!

 The foreman snapped this with his iPhone!

 Going to get pizza...because every once in a while I get sick of cooking dinner!  Of course I order it without cheese...still super yummy.
 The weekly pose!
 Our self portrait with my iPhone during a rare slow moment (make that second) at our very busy open house!
 You can see I got my new glasses back  - now with better lenses!
A surprise drop-in from Snap and the Tomashefskys...at our open house!  They were on their way to the rental in Bodega Bay.  Sadly, my dad and Deb will not be able to make it for a Bodega Bay vacation!!  I plan on going out there tomorrow evening.  More photos on next week's blog.

The foreman has an exciting new guitar - he traded one of his old guitars for it.  It is a long and somewhat complicated story that I will let the foreman tell on his own blog...if he ever gets one!
Luigi LOVES music!

Hanging out with the boys in the sunshine.
Being goofy and trying out my new glasses at the office!

Salad time!
Curious Jack Gets Close!

The foreman took this great photo of the old sheep.
WHOA!!  BINKY time!!  Yes, Wasabi is actually in the air!

Just too much fun exploring!

Snuggles with Toby and kisses from Wasabi!

Turkey Has a Lot to Say!