Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Close Encounter with a Coyote, Turkeys on Display, the Rabbit Hops Up to the Bed and Down all Night Long and Other Great Stuff at the Lazy Vegan!

The donkeys go for a walk!

First of all, I am happy to announce that I got all of the tech woes sorted out that had bogged me down at my last posting, and I now have the domain name for the lazy vegan for the next ten years - woohoo!  Hopefully I'll still be doing the blog over this next decade...I certainly have good intentions of doing so (let's see...the donkeys will be a mere sixteen years old then...and the dogs may no longer be with us...).  This week at the L.V.  I managed to seriously tweak my back.  I'd had plenty of warning from myself - or at least, from my body - for weeks now, but for whatever reason chose to ignore them.  I'd been sitting in an awkward position on the floor in the living room during the evening with the rabbit and my laptop, and every time I stood up I'd feel a twinge of soreness in my lower back.  Then I woke up one morning and really felt a severe twinge...and then, after pulling up in our driveway one afternoon (thankfully, at home!!) my back completely seized up and I literally had to roll out of my Beetle and onto the ground before managing to straighten myself out enough to stand up and walk!  Dramatic, but true.  I had a few more spasm episodes but am confident now that I am on the mend, and when I am completely fine, I plan on taking up yoga to strengthen my core and become an all-around better person.  At any rate, all of this is boring, but I wanted the blog reader to know what exactly my physical state was on the day I came face to face with a coyote!  I was home one afternoon nursing my tweaked back when I decided to walk on the flat part of our driveway for a little therapy (which means pretty much walking in one giant circle at the top).  As I was walking I suddenly heard a turkey in distress (yes, I actually know what a turkey in distress sounds like!) by our back cabin.  I hobbled over to investigate and literally came within ten feet of a coyote!  The very first thought I had was how bummed I was to have left my camera indoors.  He or she stared at me (I've had this experience once before...there's nothing quite like the gaze of a wild canine; it is a direct and rather appraising look) and then I loudly clapped my hands and sent him/her running off.  Had my back been normal I would have run after it just to see where it went...I did see it run up the meadow and then into what we refer to as the "watershed area", where the foreman has promised to hike to put one of my critter cams out. Meanwhile, the poor turkey had flown into a nearby oak tree (where it remained for hours!).  Pretty darn exciting, but also a heads up to take the dogs out on leashes - this is the time of year the coyotes are out hunting in daylight to find food for their pups...and I certainly don't want to deal with Bravo v.s. a coyote!  Or my little old Toby!

The boys were so happy to get out for a walk - they love to munch the poppies!

Whoa - no kicking around the cars!
Waiting to say hi to Julie!
Night Jack with Funny Ear

Paco being silly.

Weegie grazing.
O.K.:  assembling time!  This reminds me an awful lot of putting together a new toy for a kid.  I bought this cottage for Wasabi a while ago and finally got around to putting it together...not as easy as it looks!
Cactus in bloom.
Sitting in a very proper manner for my back!
What begging pups look like.
Wasabi joined us in Julie's room for some evening television time!
The house rabbit in front of Obama with bangs...

It is that time of year again for fly spray.  The boys don't like the sound that the fly sprayer makes, so I always put it on a towel away from them and then wipe them down with that.  It is an all natural (essential oils) product that I use that works but has to be reapplied often.

Oh, bun!

 The foreman had to take over some of my chores when my back was hurting...such as unloading the old hay and manure wheelbarrow!
 Hanging with Bravo.
 A visit from Claire!  It was great to see her and have dinner with Julie!

 Saying hi to the old pup.

Here's the poor turkey that flew up into a tree and remained there for hours, safe from the coyote!

Two Coyote Videos!!

Turkey on Display
The turkeys are so funny right now...something right out of National Geographic.  The males are fanning themselves and making a big production out of looking majestic or something...so hilarious to watch!

The new sitting arrangement for now in the living room...upright in a wooden chair!
I can still pet Wasabi this way...with my foot!

Well, Miz Wasabi has certainly mastered the skill of hopping up to the bed.  She now does so several times a night.  She'll go over the the foreman's side to be petted and if he's sound asleep will head over to my side. If I stop petting her, she'll push her nose against my hand (called a "nosebonk" in house rabbit circles!).  One night this went on at least ten times ...making for not exactly a well-rested night!
Wasabi Makes the Bed Video!

Beautiful donks.

This is the feral cat that shows up on the critter cam a lot...here he/she is hunting in the donkey pasture!
Ugh...if you enlarge the above photo you'll see a mouse in the cat's mouth...

Kicking back.

Night time lounging.
Staying hydrated!

My favorite kale garlic salad with roasted beets...so delicious!
Simple beans with fennel, celery and cumin.

Found this beautiful shell of a Robin's egg and put it on my desk to admire...shortly afterwards, Bravo hopped up, snatched it and ATE it!

Our lavender is everywhere right now.

Evening fun time.

The weekly pose!

OMG, a THIRD date night!  That's right, folks - we are going out EVERY Thursday night now and it is, of course, well-deserved.  So much fun, too!

On this date night we went to East West cafe, and window shopped along the way...check out the adorable rabbit butter dishes!  I'd use them for vegan butter or just for nothing at all - so cute.
All smiles.
The foreman ordered pasta but was pretty disappointed because, well, it was something he could have eaten at home!
I got a yummy macro plate with assorted goodies.  My back was pretty tweaked at this point and I was worried about getting up out of the chair!
The foreman finishing off my meal!
I am trying to cut back on soy lattes, but indulged...

Downtown Sebastopol.
There's a green dress hanging in this shop window that I just may have to check out later...
Love the dishware!

I should have video taped this...here the foreman crawls around trying to snag the bunny!

Success!  Bunnies are NOT necessarily easy to pick up.

Lots of grass to graze!
Bravo, king of something.
Two Possum Videos!

Saw Snap for coffee!  She's let her hair grow out and I think it looks fabulous...so much wave, bounce, fullness, etc. I think she looks younger and the gal at the cafe didn't think we were mother and daughter!