Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Very Busy and Breezy Week with Show-off Turkeys, Brazen Coyotes and a Canine Cookie Thief at the Lazy Vegan!

Luigi shares a joke with Paco!
     It was a busy and breezy week here at the Lazy Vegan!  Unexpected high winds took some tree branches down and set off one of the critter cams (blowing trees), so that I had 298 little films of absolutely nothing except leaves moving about!  It was a fairly active wildlife week, though - with two different coyotes (one came on to our property when I was gone on my morning walk...the foreman saw him cross the driveway, go into the pasture and then even head up our trail!  He said he looked really scrawny) and super hilarious show-off turkeys - this is the time of year when the males like to puff up and show off their impressive display of feathers for the females.  And, last but not least, we have a cookie canine thief in the household...for the second time in a few weeks, Bravo managed to sneak into Julie's room, hop onto her couch and then up to the dresser to steal and eat an entire bag of "Newman-O's" (the healthier version of Oreos)!!  He even ate a portion of the packaging itself.  Luckily, he survived...but from now on the Newman-O's will have to stay somewhere up high in the kitchen!
Weegie still laughing over his own donkey jokes...
Scrawny Coyote!

Bigger Coyote!

Dust bath time!

I love it when the boys sit like this...SO ridiculous!

YES, that's right; ANOTHER dramatic bunny roll-over indicating total happiness! What is especially adorable about it is that she holds the pose for a long time.

Wasabi enjoyed some deck time this weekend.  She hasn't been out there for a long time, so she was tentative at first.
That's her tentative look!
Still not too sure...
Thinking long and hard about it.

Finally, out she went!
And then, to express her utter enthusiasm, she hopped into the living room to do a binky before heading back out!

Whenever Wasabi is in a new area or new situation, she spends a long time "reassuring" Baby and Buddy.

Her deck friends.

Roasted beets this week.  So good!

Super silly Toby.
The morning routine on the weekend, when we've been putting Wasabi out in the living room for fun.

Finally finished cleaning up the cabin.  Great place to hang out, even though we never do!
Shhhh...don't tell the foreman that I am posting this on the world wide web!

Poppies in the pasture.
Mower Man was everywhere this weekend.

Proudly showing off my "It's be kind to animals day" tank top!

While Mower Man works away, the donkeys graze and take dust baths...

Waiting for dinner.
The house from the vantage point of coming off the hill after strapping my critter camera to different trees!
Couch bunny!

Woody Woodpecker!  I spotted him after I heard him making an amazing cry.

A rare moment of the foreman lounging.  Not so rare for the dog.

Hay muncher!
I bought Wasabi a second hay buffet so we don't have to haul it around upstairs and downstairs.  This hay buffet is WONDERFUL - really the best thing I've ever purchased for the rabbit (and for us)!!  Any bunny people reading this must go purchase one of these incredible items - which can be found at http://www.wabbitworks.net/

Evening concert time!
Grooming time!

Cute Young Buck Chomping Away

Fun on the bed in the morning.

Fox by Driveway

Grooming while listening to her private concert!

What remains of the "Newman-O's" after Bravo got hold of the package, below!!

OMG!!  On "date night" with the foreman!  Of course, two minutes on our way out to eat he had to take a real estate call...but then we were merrily on our way.  This is only the second time we've gone out since my mother in law moved in nearly five months ago (and the first time was a Christmas party, so that hardly counts) - so we were long overdue!!

At a local restaurant where we knew we could get "our" kind of food!
We both got yummy macrobiotic bowls with rice and roasted veggies and tempeh and tofu...super good.

Where's the bunny?

The weekly pose!!
I love watching Wasabi clean her ears.
Spent some wonderful quality time with the donkeys...they even helped clean out their barn!
Weegie loves to rub against this tree.

And the weekly pose, continued...

It's that time of year again for Fly Predators!  I order these online...they're little bugs that once released will eat fly eggs, hence helping control the fly population around the donkeys.

And it is also the time of year to worm the donkeys!  The foreman has to help with this task, as Luigi will refuse to take the meds from me!

You can just barely see Julie enjoying the sunshine on her terrace behind me in the photo above...
The foreman fed the donkeys before our date night...so funny to see somebody else doing MY job!
Poppies have taken over the terrace and they're beautiful.
While the foreman was doing MY job, he got another real estate call!
Three Videos of Turkeys Showing Off - Super Funny!

Sunday comics!

Best friends!!

Hee, hee...no privacy for a bun doing her biz!

The boys waiting for permission to come upstairs!
Turks are everywhere right now.

Our usual routine...

Discovered we were out of coffee at home...so I walked downtown this morning to get some at the cafe!  Just my coffee cups and my shadow at 7 a.m. on a Sunday in downtown Forestville...it was a bit hard to walk the mile home with hot cups of sloshing French Roast!