Sunday, April 7, 2013

So Much Fun with the Bun, the Pups and the Donks at the Lazy Vegan!

Just having so much fun lately hanging out with the bun, the pups and the donkeys!  We have a new routine now in the evenings after we say good-night to Julie - I move my lap top to the living room where I instantly have the company of the lagomorph and the canines!  Wasabi especially is thrilled to have quality socializing time...she adores the dogs!  So most of the photos this week are from our little living room playground!  Another light critter cam week, except for a busy Possum...who tried to take the camera right off of the tree!
The routine!

Wasabi loves to sit right next to me so she can get extra petting time.

Super hero pose!

Everyone smile!

Snap and I went to my friend Marion's art show - we walked down from her house, which is always fun.  Marion had a beautiful watercolor entered!

Silly Toby.

Having fun with a photo shop program.  I like these "portholes".

Bed time!
For those of you who don't know it, this pose indicates a VERY relaxed bunny!

Nap time for the canine.

Hopping off!
I can't remember what the kitchen looked like without a bunch of rabbit stuff...
The donks have been thrilled with all the fresh Spring grass coming up!
Two Cute Possum Videos!

The weekly pose "tree series"!!

Quality time spent with "Buddy" and "Baby".

Show-off Turkey!

Randy, Julie and Wasabi watch the news!

Oh, yummy snack:  vegan cream cheese and strawberries on toast!
Wasabi watches basketball.
More of the nightly routine...

OMG, OMG, OMG!!!  Only a savvy house rabbit person (like me) would really appreciate this - a rabbit "rolling over" between two dogs!  The "roll over" indicates HAPPINESS!
Check out her paw up at her mouth.  When she does what we call the "dramatic rollover" she will hold the pose for a long time - sometimes up to fifteen seconds!
Happy bun and pup.
I spend a ridiculous amount of time vacuuming up hay everywhere in the house from Wasabi's litterbox and "hay buffet"!

 Toby snuggling with Wasabi's pals!

 Helping to make the bed!

 A crow sounds off.
 Heading up the drive!

 ANOTHER nap time...
Yes, that's Bravo's paw on my forehead!
Newborn goat...a "kid"!  Sadly, I think this one has some problems... not sure it will make it...it was having trouble nursing and the sheep guy came out to "force feed" it so we'll see what happens!