Sunday, April 21, 2013

Tech Issues, Warm Weather & Happy Early Earth Day to All at the Lazy Vegan!

Wasabi chills out.
First of all, Happy Belated Happy Birthday Wishes on the Blog to my sister!!  I meant to post them on last week's blog and, obviously, forgot!  Happy birthday also to my brother in Heaven!
Kind of a stressful week here at the Lazy Vegan.  In particular, today - with ridiculous computer and tech issues that should be easy to resolve and are not!  The foreman had major email issues at home, and I got a pleasant email from Google informing me that my domain name - the wonderful "lazy vegan" - is about to expire and I cannot log in to renew it.  And, as anyone as frustrated as I am right  now knows, there is absolutely no tech support/customer service whatsoever...just a "help forum" which is not, frankly, helpful.  I have a week or so to figure it all out but already spent three hours on it this afternoon, recreated passwords, etc., and still cannot get anything resolved.  Would really be bummed to let my domain name expire just because of a stupid tech problem!
And also having some unrelated issues with my photo program...so the blog is a bit shorter than usual (the critters still showed up for the critter cam!).  OH, and the other stressful situation?  Our precious rabbit turned sick on Friday night but now that I am such a savvy bunny guardian I knew the signs exactly and got right on it.  She just wasn't acting her peppy self and wasn't interested in using her litter box or eating...I immediately got her started on anti-gas drops (the same kind that human babies use!) and did some other tricks from my rabbit first aid book and ta-da!  Within forty five minutes she was totally fine (the faithful blog reader remembers what it is like if you don't notice these warning signs in a rabbit and don't get on it right away...digestive stuff can become fatal within a day!), hopping around and eating her hay. WHEW!  Looking forward to a new and more relaxing week coming on up. 
Happy Earth Day tomorrow to all!
Cute Jack!

Wasabi helps make the bed.
 Coyote's night stroll

Fox takes a night stroll

The weekly pose!

A turkey visits the donks!
Beautiful sky, beautiful landscape...

So adorable - grooming time!

Toby and the poppies.
Busy squirrel.
The foreman practices his guitar.
Time to take the bun upstairs!
And there she is!
More practice time...

Beautiful butterfly.

OMG, a second date night!  Every Thursday now is our goal.
Went to our favorite Slice of Life restaurant where I ordered the vegan lasagna.
And the vegan chocolate pie!
Did not share one bite.  Not one.
Holding hands!
Saying hi to the sheep on the ride home.

Cute painting at the restaurant above our table.
Nice to get a break from our usual routine!

So happy when my bunny is healthy with a good appetite!
Play time.

Blue belly lizard!

Busy grooming her pals.
Before and after...since we gave up our master bedroom when Julie moved in, I have had a big challenge on my hands fitting (attempting to) my wardrobe along with the foreman's wardrobe into one small closet...it is quite the challenge!
At least it is somewhat organized now.
Raccoon videos - comical little creatures!